Thursday, August 19, 2010


So the Feds have moved forward with an indictment against Roger Clemens. This is awesome. I know there is a tendency to be a parade-rainer or dwell on the misery of others, but come on! Is there anything more obnoxious or arrogant than someone who tries to twist the truth or lie in your face about facts? Here's a thought. My money says Mr. Barry Bonds is putting on a tough guy face, but deep down inside thinking about what life is like in a 12 by 12 jail cell cause you know he's next. This does not bode well for his case. Clemens had to think having his defamation case against his former trainer Brian Mcnamee tossed offered some dangerous foreshadowing. At a certain point if just you, the deluded, pathetic, apologist fans and your hired mouthpiece are the only ones who buy your garbage, it's over. I've added #3 to that 'never lie to your doctor or lawyer' philosophy. Federal Investigators, especially if you're under oath in a very high profile case. None of the juicers have come clean. Aroid, McGwire, Giambi & Pettite held their press conference only when a failed drug test popped or they were faced with an overwhelming mountain of evidence was about to come to light. But at least those idiots offered up a version of an admission and have been allowed to get on with their careers or lives. Some like Sosa or Palmiero have just disappeared into the ether and I say good riddance.
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Great blog Steve! I remember you from the Jets days ... met you once with Bob Skaff in Minneapolis! Whew! You were hot!