Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Excuse me, but I just got off the floor after dropping from hysteria. Listened to the Big Hypocrite, Tony Dungy about the language Jet coach Rex Ryan used while on camera for HBO's "Hard Knocks". He said he's disappointed and would not hire a guy who used that kind of potty talk. This clown allies himself with perhaps the biggest scumbag, piece of useless garbage this side of Rae Carruth in NFL history but is worried about words? Michael Vick can repeatedly electrocute, drown, shoot, strangle or bash dogs to death against concrete, but dropping a bunch of F-bombs is way out of line! Really pleased Ryan told Dungy to stick it and not pass judgment on him. Phony's like Dungy worry about the most idiotic things in the world. Dummy, you get judged on your deeds, not words! So if I speak the kings english but cheat on my wife, am unscrupulous in my business dealings and poison innocent animals, I'm okay? What a crock! Dungy makes me want to puke.
Not sure if I'm more annoyed at the media or Brett Farve. Folks rail against his drama queen style, but talk about it 24/7. Here's hoping the Vikings go 7 & 9 and he reverts back to his 2005 style with a league leading 29 picks. They have a pretty aging roster and are not a lock to be great this year. Probably make a playoff run, but this "pencil them in" mentality doesn't cut it with me. Not in the NFL where year to year is a complete and total adventure. It's what makes it the best pro league. A topic for today's show is who is the newest team we can all root against. Notre Dame and the Yankees are too easy. I'm thinking the Miami Heat, Vikings and maybe Arkansas.
Okay, I have a couple of $25 gift certificates to Big Town Hero of Eugene/Springfield. Email the answer to or text to 653 3098.
Who was the opponent when the Ducks broke the 50-thousand mark in attendance at Autzen Stadium for the 1st time? Good luck!

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