Monday, February 28, 2011


I don't recall watching that much of the Academy Awards. Guess I was in a lazy mood and after the Knicks held off Miami, the Blazers got smoked so the amount of switching channels was limited. Anne Hathaway is a lovely young lady and has some talent, but what's the point of living in LA and avoiding the sun. Kid looks like she just escaped from Ben Roethlisberger's basemant. I did enjoy the presenters for best actor and actress, Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock. They addressed each nominee personally with a little humor. Worked well. By the way if we're handing out statues for best performance by a team masquerading as a contender, how about Michigan State? This team began the year ranked 2nd behind Duke. Unless they run all the way out and win the Big 10 tourney, they're maybe NIT bound. They've been getting stomped. Lost by 9, 10, 20, 26, 10 and 20 most recently at Purdue Sunday. I know Tom Izzo had to toss Korie Luscious for violating team rules, but the shakiness had already surfaced. Don't forget the Spartans were a Final 4 team last March.
Not sure what to make of the Oregon men's performance against Stanford. Versus Cal they simply ran out of gas. I think they'd been riding an emotional wave, and perhaps overachieving or playing above their heads. Then the Bears just shot the lights out in the 2nd half and they had no answer. Saturday at the Matt the combo of the Cardinal size and accuracy from the field just wrecked everything they tried. It was one of those times where you post one team shooting 59% versus 37% for the other and a 35-18 edge on the glass and figure out it was lopsided. Stanford outscored the Ducks 88-63 the final 36 minutes after the U of O jumped out 8-nothing. The deficit was 9 at the half and never got under double digits. Nuff said. Still insist this team is playing with house money and the future looks bright.
Lot to get to on the show today. What a weekend of college hoops, the NBA story as we get down to about 20-22 games remaining in the regular season, gotta hit on some baseball news and of course on Crunchtime, "What are you doing"???

Friday, February 25, 2011


One of the joys of sports is a team does not have to put forth a perfect, or even superb effort to win certain games. They have to play hard but the execution and overall performance doesn't have to be at an A or even B level for victory. That said, certain elements are a recipe for disaster. Take last night's Cal win at Oregon. Over the final 24 minutes of action, the Golden Bears outscored the Ducks 57-31 reversing a 16 point deficit that existed with just 4 minutes remaining in the 1st half. Cal committed just 3 turnovers in the 2nd half. They hit a sizzling 62 1/2 percent from the field in the 2nd half. Oregon missed 9 of 11 three pointers in the 2nd half, many of them clean, open looks. The Ducks turned the ball over 8 times in the 2nd half including a couple of killers in the final 3 minutes by EJ Singler. By the way, to the crowd chanting USA USA at Cal's Jorge Guitierrez, you get "ignorant" stamped on your forehead and have to wear it for a month. The kid is from Mexico, not a member of Al Qaida dumb asses. I know it's primarily students, but classless in any case.
How about USC taking down Arizona? Heck of a defensive effort by the Trojans, limiting the Cats to just 28 & 29 points in each respective half. They held the best player in the Pac 10, Derrick Williams to just 8 points, well below his 21 a game average and yes, it was his lowest output of the season. With UCLA dusting Arizona State the Bruins are now just a game behind the U of A in the league standings. We catch a break with the Uclans hosting Arizona at 1pm tomorrow on Fox Sports Net. Yay for we fans!
What the heck got into Oregon State? These guys haven't been able to throw it in the ocean in recent weeks. During the streak where they lost 7 of 8, they shot above 41% just once. In beating Washington they hit 44%. Otherwise it's been horrible like 31% against Stanford, 32% in the Cal defeat and 33% in the 8 point loss to UCLA 12 days ago. They've been even worse from 3 point land. Last night at Gill, 61.5 percent!
On the big shows today, a recap of what went down at the Matt, the conference and national picture, some NBA, our usual digressions, your calls and to wrap CrunchTime in the 3 o'clock hour, the Lightning Round. One more item, at 4:20 a chat with Oregon senior stud Joevan Catron.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm not a Blazer fan. It would be hypocritical. I'm not big on those people who switch allegiances. This isn't life or death. You cheer for a team when you're young. Eat it. Those are your boys. No biggie. Anyway, I do have many friends and listeners who are Portland die hards and I'm really pleased GM Rich Cho stuck. There is no one player they had a shot at that would have made much of a difference. There certainlywas no one they could have acquired that wouldn't have cost a key contributor. You all heard the names being bantered about like Miller, Camby, Rudy, ect. I'll stick to my knowledge is power theory. Why pull the trigger just to make a move? I favored seeing the health progress of Brandon Roy and Marcus Camby. Roy returned last night and provided a nice spark and of all the Trailblazers who saw time, he had the best +/- at plus 8. No one else was even close. Aldridge, Miller, Batum and Matthews were all on the minus side. Camby likely won't be back for Denver tomorrow night but could be in there Sunday for the Hawks. See what's up with those knees and deal from a position of strength. See who might be up for a Portland relocation this summer. Remember the movie "War Games"? The military computer, Joshua, at the very end of playing "Global Thermonuclear Warfare" says the only winning move is not to play. I think that applies here.
What a huge game for the Ducks at the Matt tonite against a very dangerous Cal team. Remember our theory of being able to look forward, look past teams and think beyond the now. They win this, there is a good chance they beat Stanford Saturday and Arizona State next Thursday. Assume a loss at Arizona and you're talking about 4th place in the Pac 10 with a regular season record of 17 & 13. Sorry folks, that's a big, fat WOW! They avoid that 1st round of the league tournament and in my opinion would ice a spot in the N.I.T. I know they'd accept an invite to any post season event for the extra practice and I don't blame them. The N.I.T is semi relevant and many games are televised nationally. It would represent a huge feather in the cap of Dana Altman and his program in it's infancy.
We'll break down this game, talk some NBA, evaluate the deals, the rest of the college scene and baseball. Here's a question to ponder. Who are the most overrated & underrated talents in pro sports? Coaches, GM's and managers qualify. Catch ya at 3pm.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Remember when the Ducks won at Stanford in hoops for the 1st time since 1986? We talked about how amazing it was that not even once they were able to get one down on the farm. Still, these things happen when you only have one opportunity a year like in college basketball. For example, Clemson has lost 55 in a row at North Carolina, the NCAA record. Last night, CalTech beat Occidental College 46-45. It ended a streak that dated back to January 23rd, 1985. The key difference is it wasn't against a single team, but the Beavers of Tech had lost 310 consecutive games in league, the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference at the Division III level. Wow!
Just read Brandon Roy is probable to return to the court tonight for the 1st time since Mid December for the Blazers who host the champs with a 6 game win streak on the line. Coach McMillian says it's not etched in stone, but B.R had been medically cleared and was itching to go. Look for him to play limited minutes with a limited role off the pine. Still no word on when Marcus Camby will return. I was reading some fan reaction to all the big deals hitting the wire prior to tomorrow's trade deadline and some level of frustration Portland wasn't involved. I say good! I don't get pulling the trigger on a substantial personnel move until they know the health status of Brandon and Camby? There is no need to panic and make a trade from a position of weakness or desperation. Is there really a major deal out there that pushes the Blazers into the NBA Finals? I didn't think so.
On today's program we'll talk about the latest involving the Nets and the Jazz and what that means in the West or perhaps the future of the East. I'll also hit Justin with some midweek Lightning Round featuring a baseball theme so we look forward to your input starting at 3pm on Crunchtime rolling right into SportsTalk.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When you're a focused fan life could be miserable but at least it's simple. If you're a Duck fan and the football team stinks, that's that. If you're a Lions fan you just learn to deal with the horror. Then you have those of us who spread out their fandom and run into those star crossed seasons. As a lifelong Knicks fan and for about 2 decades, pretty huge Oregon fan this has been an interesting year. No hope for Oregon while NY made the big splash landing Amare Stoudamire in free agency. Knicks have played their best ball in a decade and will end a 7 year playoff drought. I, like every single person I spoke with, texted, emailed, listeners, callers, writers felt this was going to be a long, long U of O basketball season but it's been a tremendous surprise and fun to witness. New York seemed to be putting together the pieces for perhaps a rise in the East. I'll be blunt. I hate like poison this deal for Carmelo Anthony. Guy has been part of a Denver team that has gone out in the 1st round of the post season every year except one. They don't play defense, thus are not a serious championship contender. Knick's coach Mike D'Antoni was at the helm of those Steve Nash led run and gun Sun's teams who always got sent packing in the playoffs. He did take them to a couple of West finals, but never over the hump. The style is entertaining but traditionally there is a cement ceiling regarding how far it will take a pro team. Don't forget, those Showtime Lakers could "D" up and play halfcourt offense when it was time to collect rings. Michael Cooper was All NBA 1st or 2nd team 9 times, Kareem 11, AC Green was a terrific defender, it wasn't all Magic to Worthy for dunks. Count me as a "no" vote for this deal.
I guess it's time to start thinking about the NFL draft as the league holds it's combines in Indy later this week. Interesting that Cam Newton will take part. Usually the high level QB's like that individual workout that is very controlled with their own receivers and the ability to really dictate policy. I'm thinking Newton and his people are of the opinion they can make a huge splash and make a run at the #1 overall.
On today's show, why the NBA right now is getting such good TV ratings. It's because there are a ton of great, great young players. The league has a terrific foundation. Also gonna hit on Duck hoops, talk some baseball and as always, interested in what you have to say.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ducks get Civil War Win behind career days from Strowbridge and Armstead by Aubrey Wieber

Oregon got a huge blow out win against their instate rivals today in the second sell out at Matthew Knight Arena that pushed them into fourth place in the PAC-10. Jay-R Strowbridge took over in the second half, finishing with a career high 26 points, shooting 6-9 from three point range.
Both teams started out a little jumpy and each had their fair share of turnovers, but mid way through the first half Oregon started to pull away with a 11-0 run that lasted over three minutes fueled by "little brother" chants exploding from the student section.
The Ducks had several mini droughts on offense, especially in the first half, but it didn't seem to matter due to the horrible shooting by the Beavers (37% overall, 19% from three).
Oregon started off the second half similar to how they started the game; poor shot selection and ball handling. They were destroyed by the Beavers on the glass the whole game and with 13 minutes left in the game they saw their 13 point half time lead dwindle down to 8 with the momentum heavily favoring OSU.
With a very passive day for EJ Singler and Catron being bothered by the Beavers size inside, the Ducks looked to Strowbridge and Armstead for their offense. At about the 12 minute mark Strowbridge hit back to back three's that started a run. At one point mid way through the second half their last six made field goals were 3's.
Armstead chipped in with a career high 13 dimes and at the 7 minute mark the game was already over with Oregon extending their lead to 21.
The rest of the game consisted of Oregon using as much clock as possible and continued woes offensively for Oregon State.
Although the three point shot was huge for Oregon, their defense was just as big. As always, their hands were very active in the passing lanes and they were not afraid to step in and take a charge.
This game was a statement win and really showed how far the Ducks have come from last year. Their improvement has 100% been a testament to the superior coaching of Dana Altman and why he should be a lock for PAC-10 Coach of the Year.
With only four games left, the Ducks are looking to finish the year strong and go into the PAC-10 tournament as one of the hottest teams in the conference. Thursday's game against Cal will be a good test to see if this is just a streak or if the team has actually grown as much as it seems over this season, and especially of late.

by Aubrey Wieber

Friday, February 18, 2011


Really heartbroken upon logging on today and learning about the death of Dave Duerson. He formed half of the great safety tandem of the unforgettable 85 Bears with Gary Fencik. Certainly we've seen as talented a duet, but never a harder hitting pair. He left Chicago after the 89 season and was a nickel back on the 90 Super Bowl winning Giants joining Myron Guyton and Greg Jackson at the safety position. Definitely putting a damper on the weekend. Guy was just 50 years old.
I've noticed a national obsession with Brooklyn Decker. How embarassing would it be if you joined like 475 other guys hiding in the bushes outside her place? Is that technically stalking? From Brian Kenny's show last night, to the morning show on ESPN to Howard Eskin filling in for Dan Patrick as I'm writing this, she's been more than casually mentioned. If you know your mythology, it was Helen of Troy whose beauty was so captivating that upon her abduction by Paris, the Trojan War was initiated. From that point forward we had the phrase "The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships". In the event she's kidnapped, I'm not waiting for Andy Roddick, I'm setting sail.
Ducks and Beavs in the hardwood version of the Civil War tomorrow at 1pm at the Matt. With the Thursday results, Cats over Cougs, Dawgs top ASU, Uclans hold off Stanford and SC nips Cal, here's the lowdown. If the chips fall right and Oregon wins along with Wazzou falling at Tempe, they'd be no worse than a tie for 4th.
I hope you had a chance to catch Bruins/Cardinal last night on Fox Sports Net. Ernie Kent provided the color commentary. He's really good. Did an excellent job setting the stage the final 5 minutes of how Stanford could get back in the game. They applied pressure to a UCLA offense subject to mistakes, they hit their open shots and fouled the right guys and nearly overcame a double digit lead. I'd be he's jonesing to get back into coaching, but I'm really enjoying his broadcasting work.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


When I was younger I didn't get it. In my 20's I got angry and vented. Now I just shake my head in disappoinment. It's all in reaction to when fans, media members, players or coaches react in a manner that should never be associated with sports. I think back to the Spotted Owl controversy in Oregon. To send a message, some slimebag shot an owl and while still alive, stuffed it in a sack to be found on a fence. That darned owl was obviously spearheading the movement for protection in the legislature. Police in Auburn have arrested a moron in connection with poisoning oak trees at historic Toomer's Corner at the University. It's where the Tigers celebrate big victories like the Iron Bowl against Alabama. This putz is 62 years old and even called a radio show to claim/brag about what he did. It's likely the 130 year old trees will die. His name is Harvey Almorn Updyke Jr. He signed off after calling the Paul Finebaum show with "Roll Damn Tide". Talk about a waste of skin.
Today(Thur), I also read about Joel Northrup, a high school wrestler in Iowa. He defaulted away his first round match in the state tournament rather than face one of the 1st girls ever to qualify! Said it was a matter of conscience and his faith to not "engage" a girl in this manner. The young woman, Cassy Herkelman had a 20 & 13 record so had managed to survive 33 matches. She and another girl became the first females to qualify for this state tournament that started in 1926. Really? 2011 and this neanderthal mentality still has firm roots? I guess some still feel girls have "cooties".
I've been one of those not overly concerned about the Lakers. Sure, it's only February but now they've lost to the Cavaliers. They began this 7 game road trip heading into the All Star break winning their 1st four including a lockdown defensive performance at Boston. Now they've lost 3 in a row, the previous 2 by 14 at Orlando and the 20 point embarassment in Charlotte. This break is coming at a great time for the champs.
Have to send out a major "RIP" to Len Lesser who was known to most for his hysterical portrayal of Uncle Leo on "Seinfeld". Also did a pretty funny turn on "Everyone Loves Raymond" as a friend of Ray's dad played by the late, great Peter Boyle. Always feel something's lost when someone who always made us laugh passes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We live in a very melodramatic society. Because of the 24/7 cycle along with blogging, tweeting, facebook, radio and all the forms of communication, each scenario dealing with a particular issue is played out. Right now we won't have a 2011 NFL season, Albert Pujols is leaving the Cardinals and the NBA will be locked out next year as well. Plus you can lock in Ohio State, Texas, Kansas and Pitt as the top seeds in the fast approaching NCAA Tournament. I can't imagine the chucklehead owners and players will actually risk vaporizing the golden goose in pro football. No way. Not gonna happen. Make your plans for the 2nd Sunday in September, we will have a full slate of NFL games. Pujols and his frisbee headed agent can threaten deadlines and do all the posturing they want. No one is giving him 10 years. Those days are gone. Once the Cards step up with the Arod dollars on an annual basis for 5-6 years, he's not leaving the arch. I do think losing all or part of the next NBA season is a reality. Way too many teams are struggling financially and from what I've read, most sharp & reasonable people are on board with possibly contracting franchises. There needs to be a monetary restructuring of the league. If we've learned anything about the magnficence of March Madness it's assume nothing. The Buckeyes look capable of winning the whole shooting match but have a difficult test Sunday at Purdue along with potential landmines versus Illinois next Tuesday and the closer against the only team to take them down this year, Wisconsin. It appears the only barrier for the Longhorns over their last 6 regular season games is Kansas State at Austin the last day of February. Kansas ends the Big 12 regular season at Missouri who remains dangerous as a top 20 team. As for Pitt, they play in the best conference in America and are going without top scorer Ashton Gibbs, though they looked sharp shorthanded in winning at Villanova last Saturday. They still have a trip to play the Johnnies in Manhattan along with difficult matchups with West Virginia, @Louisville and they wrap with Nova. I'd be stunned if all 4 of these teams were able to successfully navigate the next 3 weeks unscathed. As questioned at the top, some of these are no-brainers, others, not so much!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The Trailblazers just tore up the Timberwolves last night running their record to 31 & 24. A year ago after 55 games you know what their record was??? 31 & 24. At this time last February after learning Greg Oden was again done and Joel Pryzbilla wrecked his knee they acquired Marcus Camby to fill the hole in the middle. After the all star break Portland played exceptional ball going 19 & 8 to finish the year with 50 wins. Brandon Roy, however, was hobbled and they were sent packing in the 1st round of the playoffs by the Suns in 6 games. The fact remains this franchise has failed to move on in the post season since losing game 7 of the West Finals to the Lakers 11 years ago. It's understandable for the brass to be getting a bit itchy, but talk of head coach Nate McMillian being on the hot seat seems unreasonable. I actually can't wait to see what happens when Roy and Camby return. A couple weeks back some were ready to throw in the towel as they were struggling to keep ahead of Memphis for that 8th and final playoff spot. Now they've passed denver and caught Utah for 6th in the West and are within a game and a half of New Orleans at 5. The heat was getting turned up on GM Rich Cho to perhaps make a move by the February 24th trade deadline. Now it just seems foolish. See what happens when the wounded return, gauge their health and deal from a position of knowledge and strength. Gotta say, I really like watching this team play. LeMarcus Aldridge has crammed it down the throats of everyone(self included) who felt he wasn't worthy of being an all star. I thought Blake Griffen and Kevin Love were a tad more worthy. No one in the league is playing "better" than L.A right now. Some are his equal, but he's jacked his performance up to 11! Wes Matthews struggled a bit in the wins against the Bulls and Raps last week but has exploded for 23 & 26 over his last two and for the most part has been one of the top acquisitions by anyone during this past off season. Stay tuned. This is a fun team to follow.

Monday, February 14, 2011


First weekend with no football and no hope of football since Labor Day. Thanks for hoops, some golf, some horse racing, baseball approaching and getting the house cleaned. I'm also officially annoyed by the high school guy getting national attention for covering his head. It once was a cute novelty, now it's old and boring. Let's tie it in to the NFL draft pick getting 40 mil in guaranteed dollars. The high school kid hasn't even gone to prom yet and now we need network cameras so he can pick out a hat. Booooo!
How bout them Duckie hoopers? Very solid win at USC. What impressed me the most was they hit one of those awful offensive droughts and survived with effort and great defense. In the first half Joevan Catron hit a lay in with just over 9 minutes left. They missed their next 14 shots until a Singler three and Oregon managed to make it to the locker room with a 6 point edge. A huge key was even though the double digit lead dwindled, it never reached a point of being one possession. They always had an answer. I thought Brandon Granville, a former Trojan providing color commentary on Prime Ticket in So Cal made a gutty call. Said at times it appeared the Ducks just wanted it more. The balanced scoring was also critical. 8 different Ducks scored at least 4 points with Malcolm Armstead setting the pace with 14. Just as impressive, the perpetually undersized Ducks outboarded the Trojans 34-28. That many get back to the Granville analysis.
On today's shows, a few thoughts about the earth catching up while Tiger was injured and wrecking his personal life. The continued resiliency of the Blazers. Why I'm thinking it will be a lot more fun to be a baseball rather than a Yankee fan this season. Plus we'll talk a ton of college hoops. Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Prior to the start of the season for the Oregon men hoopers I was not brimming with anticipation. Losses to San Jose State, Idaho and the 1st four in league did little to change that. I figured the win over USC to open the new arena was emotion fueled but seeing how tough they played a pretty good UCLA team 2 nights later started to open my eyes a tad. Of course they won 4 of the next 5 and many, self included, realized we had a season to root for and follow with a certain level of optimism. See if you share this sentiment. Six weeks ago I would have viewed a gritty, close loss at Pauley Pavillion to the Bruins as one of those moral victories. Last night I'm screaming at the TV to make a stop or hit a shot. The Ducks played the 2nd place team in the Pac 10 on the road pretty even but didn't execute with the money on the table. I was ticked they lost. Dana Altman made it clear early on that there were no quality losses and he's here to win and he means NOW! More power to him. Even though his minutes were limited, I'm hoping it was a good sign Jeremy Jacob was out there, albeit for just 9 minutes. He's 6'8" and could be a key big in that Oregon rotation. Here's hoping that knee allows him to contribute down the stretch. USC tomorrow at the Galen Center. Remember the Ducks beat them by 6, but almost blew a 20 point lead. Joevan Catron didn't play, so you've got to like their chances!
I was reading with much amusement that Federal Prosecutors have sliced the number of pending felonies against Barry the Baloonhead Bonds from 11 to 5. I'm not a legal expert but it seems 5 felonies is still alot! I don't think he'll ever do jail time but will take pleasure in having it on the record he lied about taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs. Maybe that will knock such an arrogant D-bag down a couple of pegs.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


With the Super Bowl in the rear view mirror and the NFL Labor talks too depressing, it's all about basketball right now. Loving the fact the Ducks have meaningful games in February and are clearly in the mix to make a run at playing above .500 ball and qualifying for the N.I.T. I know, I know, why not dream the dream and envision a run to the Pac 10 Championship and an automatic birth in the Big Dance. Feel free to think big. I'm focused on this 7:30 tip at Pauley against the Bruins. When the 2 met the 2nd game at Matt Knight Arena, Oregon didn't have Joevan Catron and got beaten on the scoreboard 67-59 and inside on the glass by a 35-26 margin. In that fateful 2nd half when the Uclans scored 43 points to pull away, their 300 pounder Josh Smith just played the bull in a china shop and had his way. Hopefully the return of Pac 10 player of the week, J.C will help alleviate some of those issues. We will speak with Ben Bolch who covers UCLA for the LA Times at 4:20.
Some great ball last night with North Carolina throwing a scare into Duke at Durham before the Blue Devils held on at the end. FYI...the oddsmakers were not sold on the heels despite their record making UNC a 10 point underdog.
The game of the night was in the Big East as lightly regarded Rutgers overcame a late 13 point deficit, converted a 4 point play with under a second left and took out 10th ranked Villanova 77-76.
For Blazer afficionados we'll talk with Ben Golliver who operates com. Very interesting times for Portland. Trade deadline is 2 weeks away and the return of both Brandon Roy and Marcus Camby pretty much imminent. Roy has practiced but apparently will not play this weekend. I'd anticipate more caution. Remember last year he underwent a surgical procedure on the meniscus in his right knee a couple of days before the playoffs started and incredibly returned for game 4. Turns out all admitted he may have come back too soon. Camby practiced with the team for about a half hour as he recovers from having his knee scoped. Don't expect to see him on the floor in Toronto or Detroit, maybe Wednesday at home versus the Hornets. Golliver joins us at the top of the 5 o'clock hour.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Was laughing on the drive in this morning when I heard Dan Patrick poke a little fun regarding the potential for Carmelo Anthony to relocate to LA. Said "preliminary talks" are taking place. What? Did Nugget GM Masai Ujiri dial the Laker front office, ask to speak with Mitch Kupchak and hang up? Either you're talking about a deal or not.
I really, no REALLY can't stand Alex Rodriguez. My thoughts on this phony clown will be a topic on our shows today. The hardest guys to root for that played for your favorite team. He's all bent out of shape because FOX showed a shot of him getting fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz at the Super Bowl. What a hypocrite. The D-Bag loves attention then gets ticked when he gets it. He's like the woman who walks into the bar stacked to the gills, wearing a tank top then has the audacity to bitch out a guy gawking her with "what are you looking at"?? DUH! Show up at the biggest event in the history of TV as part of a double celeb couple and act stunned when the red light finds you. What a jerk.
Duke and North Carolina tonight at 6 from Cameron. Gotta love it. Though it seems like a while since these 2 played such a high level, national impact game, it really hasn't. Don't forget, UNC won all the marbles the March before last. Duke won it last year but Carolina missed the dance with the departure of studs like Ty Hansbrough and Ty Lawson. Either way it will be fun to see Dickie V in all his glory acting like the fate of the free world is hanging in the balance.
Do you guys watch Tosh.O? Caught last night's show and he echoed my sentiments on a topic we've discussed. They did a segment that just tore into that credit card commercial for those knuckleheads who haven't missed a Super Bowl. Can't wait to share that. Freaking hysterical.
New episode of Modern Family tonight. I'm thinking it's 50-50 I end up in some kind of legal issue involving the stalking of Sofia Vergara.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Eli Manning, Drew Brees and now Aaron Rodgers. The newly annointed. Certainly since Peyton won his title following the 06 season we've looked for that 3rd of the trifecta behind #18 and Brady. When the Giants won it was little Manning with Brees and A.R jumping into the mix following their Super Sunday. Here's a thought. Let's see them do it a second time. I really think with that defense, his arm and a really good coach in Mike McCarthy, Rodgers has an excellent shot, but I've called the guy who carves out those Hall of Fame busts and told him to at least take the rest of the winter, spring and summer off. Catch you in 11 months.
Was thinking about those special players, athletes ect who posess that killer instinct. Regardless of their off field demeanor, when the bell sounds it's best to NOT be between them and what it takes to get that big "W". So who are the top competitors you've seen as your time as a sports nut? Do you have room on your list for quarterbacks? 1st basemen? Women? Sorry, but there exists an element of sports fans who are sexist. What about boxers? Chances are if you're aware of the fighter, they didn't get this far with an unwillingness to knock the proverbial block off. Can you evaluate a tennis star versus a linebacker versus a NASCAR driver? I think it will make for an interesting discussion. I'd prefer it be a first hand account. We all know Dick Butkus has a rep as a wrecking crew, but if you're my age(50), and not from Chicago, Detroit or Green Bay, you probably had a very, very limited opportunity to see him do his thing. What are some of the key parameters that make a jock fill the bill here? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Monday, February 7, 2011


My main wager for the Super Bowl was Steelers versus the money line and the under 46 points. So naturally being a follow the bet kind of guy I'm rooting for Pittsburgh. Yet with each Roethlisberger miscue I couldn't help at least a small smile because of what a pig he is. I rarely bet with my heart and never when more than a few bucks are at stake. I thought Benny the Predator would play better, and not be the guy who made the fatal mistakes. Gotta doff the cap to Aaron Rodgers for his performance on the biggest stage in American sports. He actually would have posted superior numbers if his receivers bailed him out a few times instead of going all cement hands. Viewing Brett Farve as a drama queen, diva phony, I'm loving the fact A.R has already equalled B.F's total of Super Sunday victories. This team finds a sustainable running game and watch out. Rodgers is young as is this outstanding defense, save Charles Woodson who went out and did not play in the 2nd half. Remember the terrific play by Oregon's Casey Matthews to strip Cam Newton late in the natty? How about brother Clay seperating Rashard Mendenhall from the rock on the 1st play of the 4th quarter with the Steelers inside the Green Bay 40? He holds on and it's 1st and 10, down 4 and who knows how this thing turns out. Rodgers made them pay first with that strike to Jordy Nelson inside the 10, then the money pitch to Greg Jennings for the backbreaking score.
So after holding the Pack to that chippie field goal by Crosby with just over 2 minutes left in the game pushing the lead to 6, think Pittsburgh was kicking themselves over burning 2 of their 3 timeouts? What the heck was that all about. The one on defense was somewhat understandable as it was in their territory and apparently they didn't have the proper personnel out there. They ended up stuffing the drive and getting the ball back, but the first one on offense was just brutal and out of character for such a well coached team.
So we have a new trend. In 3 of the last 6 seasons a team has run the table on the road as a wild card. Began with the 05 Steelers who won at Cincy, Indy and Denver before sneaking past Seattle. 2 years later the Giants began with a 10 point victory at Tampa before squeezing out wins in Dallas then at Lambeau before derailing the New England run at perfection. This year, obviously, it was Green Bay. What that all means will be a primary subject with the Oregon hoop joy, NBA, fast approaching Spring Training and lot's more on Crunchtime and Sportstalk.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Last night's Oregon game began at 6pm. My show ended right around then. By the time I arrived home the Ducks had jumped to an 11-3 lead. On a few occasions the Cougs would cut it down to 5 or 6. I'd say my mindset was "it's coming" until a Joevan Catron jumper doubled up WSU 51-25 with just under 13 minutes left in the game. At that point I realized this thing was over. That sloppy drought we've seen from Oregon most of this season never came. This Wazzou team just beat the Pac 10 leading Huskies last weekend. This was the most substantial victory for the program since taking down UNLV in the Sweet 16 of the 2007 Big Dance. Certainly the win at Stanford to end that quarter century drought was sweet, but the Cardinal are not that good, this Washington State team might still qualify for the post season. Dynomite performance from Catron with 17 pints, 9 boards and 3 assists. Really showed the way from the opening gun. Excellent job on the glass by everyone as they just outworked the Cougs and won the rebound battle easily 36-28. The defense did a heck of a job on Klay Thompson who scored 10 points below his 22 point season average and was forced into 6 turnovers. Suddenly at 4 & 6 in the Pac 10, they're tied with Stanford, USC and the Beavs for 6th place but just a game behind Washington State. Looking forward to a possible encore at the Matt tomorrow versus them Dawgs at 1pm.
How about UW losing pretty big in Corvallis? This was another case of the presumed superior team never making that run most anticipated. This one came out of nowhere. OSU's season had fallen into apparent disrepair with a 3 game losing streak having dumped 6 of their last 7. First victory for the Beavs over a ranked team since beating Arizona just over 5 years ago.
As for the Super Bowl. Doing the minds eye thing. I think it comes down to the Pittsburg defense. Looks like their center Pouncey will not go so the offense will struggle at times against an excellent Green Bay defense. Look for the Steeler "D" to shoulder the burden. I really like Aaron Rodgers and a prime reason is his ability to do damage when flushed out of the pocket. A huge counterpunch to that is quality linebacker play. No one performs better in that area. I like Pittsburg to add Lombardi Trophy #7 in a close game.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


You've heard that expression about certain locales being nice "this time of year". Well I've spent many a winter in the greater Miami area and it's true. I believe what took place on Letter of Intent Signing Day 2011 gives the Ducks a shot at returning to the Natty. I'm thinking next season is a huge reach because they simply lost too much. O'line, linebackers, those amazingly versatile receivers and D'line. Huge departures. They can certainly contend for the 1st Pac 12 title, but running the table again, especially with that opener against LSU in Dallas??? But by opening day for the 2012 season, those replacing the experienced seniors will have lot's of valuable time under their belts and this roster will be loaded and primed for a run to the Orange Bowl. Even if LeMichael James goes to the NFL, I'd imagine Lache Seastrunk, Donte Williams, or the big late LOI Day score, Deanthony Thomas will continue the massive productivity running it. Oh yeah, there is also Tra Carson who broke all of LMJ's records at the same high school. Darron Thomas will be a senior as will Kenyon Barner. The line will be anchored by a pair of seniors in Carson York and Nick Cody. How about a linebacking corps of Bo Lokombo, Michael Clay and Kiko Alonso who will also be seniors. If he doesn't bolt early Cliff Harris will be a senior as will stud safety John Boyett along with another solid contributor in the defensive backfield, Scott Grady. Both kickers, Jackson Rice and Rob Beard are also in that class. These are only the guys who played during this run to Glendale as sophomores. Let's expand the net to include the freshman and redshirts who also spent serious on field time during 2010. Josh Huff at wide out. Taylor Hart and Ricky Heimuli on the D-line and oh I forgot, Dion Jordan up front will also be a senior. In one of those subtle but critical areas, Drew Howell, the long snapper was just a freshman this year. The best part of all this. We haven't accounted for one member of the class of 2010 or 2011 who has yet to impact this program. Right now it's 80 degrees and sunny in Miami. Pretty bright at the Cas Center as well.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Usually one's passion for a person, activity or any pursuit is specific. Folks are passionate about their wife, job or maybe a sports team. The most insane college football fans bring this to the table about recruiting but it's unique. Let's face it, unless the player went to high school in your backyard, you've never seen him play or couldn't pick him out of a line-up, but boy oh boy you can recite his 40 time and talk about that spectacular run in the state semi-finals that was posted on you-tube!
Lot of concern about Oregon not landing that beast of a defensive lineman. Way too many dropping the name Nick Fairley, the intrusive stud from Auburn who wrecked many an afternoon for opposing offenses. Please! He was originally recruited as a 265 pound offensive lineman. Plus, you have maybe 2 or 3 like him in the whole country. Despite the departures of Bair, Clark and Kenny Rowe up front, the cupboard is far from bare. You have Ricky Heimuli who has decided to forego his Mormon Mission to return to the Ducks. Let's not forget he was a 4 star recruit who many of you obsessed over just two years ago. Ryan Hagen goes about 285 and is a heck of an athlete who lettered in hoops as well as track in high school. Taylor Hart and Wade Keliikipi both return as guys who made substantial contributions in the run to the natty.
One question. Has this staff not earned your trust yet? Relax! 2011 is gonna be another terrific year for Oregon football.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Who would you vote for in a hypthetical race between Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt? If only we had such worthy candidates to choose from. I bet it would be close. 2000 presidential election close. Kind of like this year's NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Troy Polamalu of the AFC champs snuck past Clay Matthews,
who obviously reps the NFC winners by a slim 17-15 vote margin. This, despite the fact T.P missed 2 games. If C.M had won, so be it. I just hope fans get what we're getting a chance to see. Too often we get wrapped in statistics and that means completely missing the point with these two guys. I think Polamalu's teammate, linebacker Lamarr Woodley hit the nail on the head describing Troy's ability to alter the course of games with plays. In a 13-10 win the 1st Sunday in December against Baltimore, Troy seperated Joe Flacco from the ball with just over 3 minutes left, Woodley recovered deep in Ravens territory. 3 plays later the Steelers found the end zone for the only time that afternoon for the victory. That game goes the other way, Baltimore gets the division title, the bye and home field edge. Think that mattered? Plus Pittsburgh had to lean on that defense when QB Ben Roethlisberger sat the 1st 4 games for basically being a pig.
As for Matthews, don't forget, it's just his 2nd season in the league. Like the Steelers, the Pack sits where they do because of the defense. Aaron Rodgers is terrific. But I think most would be surprised that they gave up the fewest points in the NFC by far, 240 to the Bear's 286. Only Pittsburgh surrendered fewer NFL-wide with 232 so it's almost a push. No coincidence they vie for the Lombardi trophy and Matthews is the heart and soul of Dom Capers defense. Charles Woodson has the rep, BJ Raji had his moment in the NFC Championship game, but Clay is the straw that stirs the drink. Curious as to who you'd vote for and we'll hear your say on our shows this afternoon.
I have a ton of give-a-ways for this afternoon. The Boat & Sportsman Show at the County Fairgrounds this weekend, along with Ducks/Cougs at the Matt for Thursday, plus our big Chicken Bonz party pack for Super Sunday. Some sweet loot. Catch ya later!