Friday, February 11, 2011


Prior to the start of the season for the Oregon men hoopers I was not brimming with anticipation. Losses to San Jose State, Idaho and the 1st four in league did little to change that. I figured the win over USC to open the new arena was emotion fueled but seeing how tough they played a pretty good UCLA team 2 nights later started to open my eyes a tad. Of course they won 4 of the next 5 and many, self included, realized we had a season to root for and follow with a certain level of optimism. See if you share this sentiment. Six weeks ago I would have viewed a gritty, close loss at Pauley Pavillion to the Bruins as one of those moral victories. Last night I'm screaming at the TV to make a stop or hit a shot. The Ducks played the 2nd place team in the Pac 10 on the road pretty even but didn't execute with the money on the table. I was ticked they lost. Dana Altman made it clear early on that there were no quality losses and he's here to win and he means NOW! More power to him. Even though his minutes were limited, I'm hoping it was a good sign Jeremy Jacob was out there, albeit for just 9 minutes. He's 6'8" and could be a key big in that Oregon rotation. Here's hoping that knee allows him to contribute down the stretch. USC tomorrow at the Galen Center. Remember the Ducks beat them by 6, but almost blew a 20 point lead. Joevan Catron didn't play, so you've got to like their chances!
I was reading with much amusement that Federal Prosecutors have sliced the number of pending felonies against Barry the Baloonhead Bonds from 11 to 5. I'm not a legal expert but it seems 5 felonies is still alot! I don't think he'll ever do jail time but will take pleasure in having it on the record he lied about taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs. Maybe that will knock such an arrogant D-bag down a couple of pegs.

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okles said...

Mr. Tannen-
Off topic (of the "blog"), I know, but Top Seeds (Groups Only) ...
1. Beatles 2. Animals 3. Kinks 4. Drifters
1. Stones 2. Doors 3. G. Dead 4. Coasters
1. Zepp 2. Beach Boys 3. CSNY 4. Ventures
1. Cream 2. Hendrix Exp. 3. B. Spring. 4. Byrds
Long Shot/Dark Horse (These guys are like Jacksonville the year they had Gilmore, Burrows, Wedeking & Morgan- 1 year wonders): 16th Seeds- 13th Floor Elevator (my All-Time Favorite Band), Fear Itself, Blue Cheer, Moby Grape
I once did a 64-team Bracket for R&R groups, wound up w/the Beatles & 13th Floor Elevators in the Finals.
And another thing, re. 3-point/steal/blocked shot "records": all meaningless. It's as of football only started keeping punting records in 1975 or baseball only had RBI records from 1972. Jerry West probably has 500 "3-point" baskets than whoever that guy is who "broke" the "record". Do you really think Mark Eaton had more blocks than Wilt? Do you think Olajuwan is within 500 of Bill Russell? Wilt and Russell probably had years where they averaged a triple double, if Blocked Shots had been an official statistic back in the day. Chamberlain may have had as many quadruple-doubles as Kidd has triple doubles. He had more 40-40 games than Shaq had 20-20 games and more 30-30 games (103) than Shaq had 15-15 games. Get Real out there, people.