Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Who would you vote for in a hypthetical race between Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt? If only we had such worthy candidates to choose from. I bet it would be close. 2000 presidential election close. Kind of like this year's NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Troy Polamalu of the AFC champs snuck past Clay Matthews,
who obviously reps the NFC winners by a slim 17-15 vote margin. This, despite the fact T.P missed 2 games. If C.M had won, so be it. I just hope fans get what we're getting a chance to see. Too often we get wrapped in statistics and that means completely missing the point with these two guys. I think Polamalu's teammate, linebacker Lamarr Woodley hit the nail on the head describing Troy's ability to alter the course of games with plays. In a 13-10 win the 1st Sunday in December against Baltimore, Troy seperated Joe Flacco from the ball with just over 3 minutes left, Woodley recovered deep in Ravens territory. 3 plays later the Steelers found the end zone for the only time that afternoon for the victory. That game goes the other way, Baltimore gets the division title, the bye and home field edge. Think that mattered? Plus Pittsburgh had to lean on that defense when QB Ben Roethlisberger sat the 1st 4 games for basically being a pig.
As for Matthews, don't forget, it's just his 2nd season in the league. Like the Steelers, the Pack sits where they do because of the defense. Aaron Rodgers is terrific. But I think most would be surprised that they gave up the fewest points in the NFC by far, 240 to the Bear's 286. Only Pittsburgh surrendered fewer NFL-wide with 232 so it's almost a push. No coincidence they vie for the Lombardi trophy and Matthews is the heart and soul of Dom Capers defense. Charles Woodson has the rep, BJ Raji had his moment in the NFC Championship game, but Clay is the straw that stirs the drink. Curious as to who you'd vote for and we'll hear your say on our shows this afternoon.
I have a ton of give-a-ways for this afternoon. The Boat & Sportsman Show at the County Fairgrounds this weekend, along with Ducks/Cougs at the Matt for Thursday, plus our big Chicken Bonz party pack for Super Sunday. Some sweet loot. Catch ya later!

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