Friday, February 18, 2011


Really heartbroken upon logging on today and learning about the death of Dave Duerson. He formed half of the great safety tandem of the unforgettable 85 Bears with Gary Fencik. Certainly we've seen as talented a duet, but never a harder hitting pair. He left Chicago after the 89 season and was a nickel back on the 90 Super Bowl winning Giants joining Myron Guyton and Greg Jackson at the safety position. Definitely putting a damper on the weekend. Guy was just 50 years old.
I've noticed a national obsession with Brooklyn Decker. How embarassing would it be if you joined like 475 other guys hiding in the bushes outside her place? Is that technically stalking? From Brian Kenny's show last night, to the morning show on ESPN to Howard Eskin filling in for Dan Patrick as I'm writing this, she's been more than casually mentioned. If you know your mythology, it was Helen of Troy whose beauty was so captivating that upon her abduction by Paris, the Trojan War was initiated. From that point forward we had the phrase "The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships". In the event she's kidnapped, I'm not waiting for Andy Roddick, I'm setting sail.
Ducks and Beavs in the hardwood version of the Civil War tomorrow at 1pm at the Matt. With the Thursday results, Cats over Cougs, Dawgs top ASU, Uclans hold off Stanford and SC nips Cal, here's the lowdown. If the chips fall right and Oregon wins along with Wazzou falling at Tempe, they'd be no worse than a tie for 4th.
I hope you had a chance to catch Bruins/Cardinal last night on Fox Sports Net. Ernie Kent provided the color commentary. He's really good. Did an excellent job setting the stage the final 5 minutes of how Stanford could get back in the game. They applied pressure to a UCLA offense subject to mistakes, they hit their open shots and fouled the right guys and nearly overcame a double digit lead. I'd be he's jonesing to get back into coaching, but I'm really enjoying his broadcasting work.

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