Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Remember when the Ducks won at Stanford in hoops for the 1st time since 1986? We talked about how amazing it was that not even once they were able to get one down on the farm. Still, these things happen when you only have one opportunity a year like in college basketball. For example, Clemson has lost 55 in a row at North Carolina, the NCAA record. Last night, CalTech beat Occidental College 46-45. It ended a streak that dated back to January 23rd, 1985. The key difference is it wasn't against a single team, but the Beavers of Tech had lost 310 consecutive games in league, the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference at the Division III level. Wow!
Just read Brandon Roy is probable to return to the court tonight for the 1st time since Mid December for the Blazers who host the champs with a 6 game win streak on the line. Coach McMillian says it's not etched in stone, but B.R had been medically cleared and was itching to go. Look for him to play limited minutes with a limited role off the pine. Still no word on when Marcus Camby will return. I was reading some fan reaction to all the big deals hitting the wire prior to tomorrow's trade deadline and some level of frustration Portland wasn't involved. I say good! I don't get pulling the trigger on a substantial personnel move until they know the health status of Brandon and Camby? There is no need to panic and make a trade from a position of weakness or desperation. Is there really a major deal out there that pushes the Blazers into the NBA Finals? I didn't think so.
On today's program we'll talk about the latest involving the Nets and the Jazz and what that means in the West or perhaps the future of the East. I'll also hit Justin with some midweek Lightning Round featuring a baseball theme so we look forward to your input starting at 3pm on Crunchtime rolling right into SportsTalk.

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