Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm not a Blazer fan. It would be hypocritical. I'm not big on those people who switch allegiances. This isn't life or death. You cheer for a team when you're young. Eat it. Those are your boys. No biggie. Anyway, I do have many friends and listeners who are Portland die hards and I'm really pleased GM Rich Cho stuck. There is no one player they had a shot at that would have made much of a difference. There certainlywas no one they could have acquired that wouldn't have cost a key contributor. You all heard the names being bantered about like Miller, Camby, Rudy, ect. I'll stick to my knowledge is power theory. Why pull the trigger just to make a move? I favored seeing the health progress of Brandon Roy and Marcus Camby. Roy returned last night and provided a nice spark and of all the Trailblazers who saw time, he had the best +/- at plus 8. No one else was even close. Aldridge, Miller, Batum and Matthews were all on the minus side. Camby likely won't be back for Denver tomorrow night but could be in there Sunday for the Hawks. See what's up with those knees and deal from a position of strength. See who might be up for a Portland relocation this summer. Remember the movie "War Games"? The military computer, Joshua, at the very end of playing "Global Thermonuclear Warfare" says the only winning move is not to play. I think that applies here.
What a huge game for the Ducks at the Matt tonite against a very dangerous Cal team. Remember our theory of being able to look forward, look past teams and think beyond the now. They win this, there is a good chance they beat Stanford Saturday and Arizona State next Thursday. Assume a loss at Arizona and you're talking about 4th place in the Pac 10 with a regular season record of 17 & 13. Sorry folks, that's a big, fat WOW! They avoid that 1st round of the league tournament and in my opinion would ice a spot in the N.I.T. I know they'd accept an invite to any post season event for the extra practice and I don't blame them. The N.I.T is semi relevant and many games are televised nationally. It would represent a huge feather in the cap of Dana Altman and his program in it's infancy.
We'll break down this game, talk some NBA, evaluate the deals, the rest of the college scene and baseball. Here's a question to ponder. Who are the most overrated & underrated talents in pro sports? Coaches, GM's and managers qualify. Catch ya at 3pm.

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