Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Usually one's passion for a person, activity or any pursuit is specific. Folks are passionate about their wife, job or maybe a sports team. The most insane college football fans bring this to the table about recruiting but it's unique. Let's face it, unless the player went to high school in your backyard, you've never seen him play or couldn't pick him out of a line-up, but boy oh boy you can recite his 40 time and talk about that spectacular run in the state semi-finals that was posted on you-tube!
Lot of concern about Oregon not landing that beast of a defensive lineman. Way too many dropping the name Nick Fairley, the intrusive stud from Auburn who wrecked many an afternoon for opposing offenses. Please! He was originally recruited as a 265 pound offensive lineman. Plus, you have maybe 2 or 3 like him in the whole country. Despite the departures of Bair, Clark and Kenny Rowe up front, the cupboard is far from bare. You have Ricky Heimuli who has decided to forego his Mormon Mission to return to the Ducks. Let's not forget he was a 4 star recruit who many of you obsessed over just two years ago. Ryan Hagen goes about 285 and is a heck of an athlete who lettered in hoops as well as track in high school. Taylor Hart and Wade Keliikipi both return as guys who made substantial contributions in the run to the natty.
One question. Has this staff not earned your trust yet? Relax! 2011 is gonna be another terrific year for Oregon football.

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