Monday, February 28, 2011


I don't recall watching that much of the Academy Awards. Guess I was in a lazy mood and after the Knicks held off Miami, the Blazers got smoked so the amount of switching channels was limited. Anne Hathaway is a lovely young lady and has some talent, but what's the point of living in LA and avoiding the sun. Kid looks like she just escaped from Ben Roethlisberger's basemant. I did enjoy the presenters for best actor and actress, Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock. They addressed each nominee personally with a little humor. Worked well. By the way if we're handing out statues for best performance by a team masquerading as a contender, how about Michigan State? This team began the year ranked 2nd behind Duke. Unless they run all the way out and win the Big 10 tourney, they're maybe NIT bound. They've been getting stomped. Lost by 9, 10, 20, 26, 10 and 20 most recently at Purdue Sunday. I know Tom Izzo had to toss Korie Luscious for violating team rules, but the shakiness had already surfaced. Don't forget the Spartans were a Final 4 team last March.
Not sure what to make of the Oregon men's performance against Stanford. Versus Cal they simply ran out of gas. I think they'd been riding an emotional wave, and perhaps overachieving or playing above their heads. Then the Bears just shot the lights out in the 2nd half and they had no answer. Saturday at the Matt the combo of the Cardinal size and accuracy from the field just wrecked everything they tried. It was one of those times where you post one team shooting 59% versus 37% for the other and a 35-18 edge on the glass and figure out it was lopsided. Stanford outscored the Ducks 88-63 the final 36 minutes after the U of O jumped out 8-nothing. The deficit was 9 at the half and never got under double digits. Nuff said. Still insist this team is playing with house money and the future looks bright.
Lot to get to on the show today. What a weekend of college hoops, the NBA story as we get down to about 20-22 games remaining in the regular season, gotta hit on some baseball news and of course on Crunchtime, "What are you doing"???

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