Monday, February 7, 2011


My main wager for the Super Bowl was Steelers versus the money line and the under 46 points. So naturally being a follow the bet kind of guy I'm rooting for Pittsburgh. Yet with each Roethlisberger miscue I couldn't help at least a small smile because of what a pig he is. I rarely bet with my heart and never when more than a few bucks are at stake. I thought Benny the Predator would play better, and not be the guy who made the fatal mistakes. Gotta doff the cap to Aaron Rodgers for his performance on the biggest stage in American sports. He actually would have posted superior numbers if his receivers bailed him out a few times instead of going all cement hands. Viewing Brett Farve as a drama queen, diva phony, I'm loving the fact A.R has already equalled B.F's total of Super Sunday victories. This team finds a sustainable running game and watch out. Rodgers is young as is this outstanding defense, save Charles Woodson who went out and did not play in the 2nd half. Remember the terrific play by Oregon's Casey Matthews to strip Cam Newton late in the natty? How about brother Clay seperating Rashard Mendenhall from the rock on the 1st play of the 4th quarter with the Steelers inside the Green Bay 40? He holds on and it's 1st and 10, down 4 and who knows how this thing turns out. Rodgers made them pay first with that strike to Jordy Nelson inside the 10, then the money pitch to Greg Jennings for the backbreaking score.
So after holding the Pack to that chippie field goal by Crosby with just over 2 minutes left in the game pushing the lead to 6, think Pittsburgh was kicking themselves over burning 2 of their 3 timeouts? What the heck was that all about. The one on defense was somewhat understandable as it was in their territory and apparently they didn't have the proper personnel out there. They ended up stuffing the drive and getting the ball back, but the first one on offense was just brutal and out of character for such a well coached team.
So we have a new trend. In 3 of the last 6 seasons a team has run the table on the road as a wild card. Began with the 05 Steelers who won at Cincy, Indy and Denver before sneaking past Seattle. 2 years later the Giants began with a 10 point victory at Tampa before squeezing out wins in Dallas then at Lambeau before derailing the New England run at perfection. This year, obviously, it was Green Bay. What that all means will be a primary subject with the Oregon hoop joy, NBA, fast approaching Spring Training and lot's more on Crunchtime and Sportstalk.

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I rank the super bowl behind the NBA finals which is behind the almighty BCS championship. Lastly comes the World Series. You might think the ranking is gracious but I only follow the big 4. The super bowl has all the presentation quirks that go along with the others, but to me it comes down to bad timing. It's just enough time to get over the excitement of college football, then be re awakened with the unavoidable drull of professional sports. Please dont extend the season the re awakening of could be too much.