Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Was laughing on the drive in this morning when I heard Dan Patrick poke a little fun regarding the potential for Carmelo Anthony to relocate to LA. Said "preliminary talks" are taking place. What? Did Nugget GM Masai Ujiri dial the Laker front office, ask to speak with Mitch Kupchak and hang up? Either you're talking about a deal or not.
I really, no REALLY can't stand Alex Rodriguez. My thoughts on this phony clown will be a topic on our shows today. The hardest guys to root for that played for your favorite team. He's all bent out of shape because FOX showed a shot of him getting fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz at the Super Bowl. What a hypocrite. The D-Bag loves attention then gets ticked when he gets it. He's like the woman who walks into the bar stacked to the gills, wearing a tank top then has the audacity to bitch out a guy gawking her with "what are you looking at"?? DUH! Show up at the biggest event in the history of TV as part of a double celeb couple and act stunned when the red light finds you. What a jerk.
Duke and North Carolina tonight at 6 from Cameron. Gotta love it. Though it seems like a while since these 2 played such a high level, national impact game, it really hasn't. Don't forget, UNC won all the marbles the March before last. Duke won it last year but Carolina missed the dance with the departure of studs like Ty Hansbrough and Ty Lawson. Either way it will be fun to see Dickie V in all his glory acting like the fate of the free world is hanging in the balance.
Do you guys watch Tosh.O? Caught last night's show and he echoed my sentiments on a topic we've discussed. They did a segment that just tore into that credit card commercial for those knuckleheads who haven't missed a Super Bowl. Can't wait to share that. Freaking hysterical.
New episode of Modern Family tonight. I'm thinking it's 50-50 I end up in some kind of legal issue involving the stalking of Sofia Vergara.

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