Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The Trailblazers just tore up the Timberwolves last night running their record to 31 & 24. A year ago after 55 games you know what their record was??? 31 & 24. At this time last February after learning Greg Oden was again done and Joel Pryzbilla wrecked his knee they acquired Marcus Camby to fill the hole in the middle. After the all star break Portland played exceptional ball going 19 & 8 to finish the year with 50 wins. Brandon Roy, however, was hobbled and they were sent packing in the 1st round of the playoffs by the Suns in 6 games. The fact remains this franchise has failed to move on in the post season since losing game 7 of the West Finals to the Lakers 11 years ago. It's understandable for the brass to be getting a bit itchy, but talk of head coach Nate McMillian being on the hot seat seems unreasonable. I actually can't wait to see what happens when Roy and Camby return. A couple weeks back some were ready to throw in the towel as they were struggling to keep ahead of Memphis for that 8th and final playoff spot. Now they've passed denver and caught Utah for 6th in the West and are within a game and a half of New Orleans at 5. The heat was getting turned up on GM Rich Cho to perhaps make a move by the February 24th trade deadline. Now it just seems foolish. See what happens when the wounded return, gauge their health and deal from a position of knowledge and strength. Gotta say, I really like watching this team play. LeMarcus Aldridge has crammed it down the throats of everyone(self included) who felt he wasn't worthy of being an all star. I thought Blake Griffen and Kevin Love were a tad more worthy. No one in the league is playing "better" than L.A right now. Some are his equal, but he's jacked his performance up to 11! Wes Matthews struggled a bit in the wins against the Bulls and Raps last week but has exploded for 23 & 26 over his last two and for the most part has been one of the top acquisitions by anyone during this past off season. Stay tuned. This is a fun team to follow.

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