Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Eli Manning, Drew Brees and now Aaron Rodgers. The newly annointed. Certainly since Peyton won his title following the 06 season we've looked for that 3rd of the trifecta behind #18 and Brady. When the Giants won it was little Manning with Brees and A.R jumping into the mix following their Super Sunday. Here's a thought. Let's see them do it a second time. I really think with that defense, his arm and a really good coach in Mike McCarthy, Rodgers has an excellent shot, but I've called the guy who carves out those Hall of Fame busts and told him to at least take the rest of the winter, spring and summer off. Catch you in 11 months.
Was thinking about those special players, athletes ect who posess that killer instinct. Regardless of their off field demeanor, when the bell sounds it's best to NOT be between them and what it takes to get that big "W". So who are the top competitors you've seen as your time as a sports nut? Do you have room on your list for quarterbacks? 1st basemen? Women? Sorry, but there exists an element of sports fans who are sexist. What about boxers? Chances are if you're aware of the fighter, they didn't get this far with an unwillingness to knock the proverbial block off. Can you evaluate a tennis star versus a linebacker versus a NASCAR driver? I think it will make for an interesting discussion. I'd prefer it be a first hand account. We all know Dick Butkus has a rep as a wrecking crew, but if you're my age(50), and not from Chicago, Detroit or Green Bay, you probably had a very, very limited opportunity to see him do his thing. What are some of the key parameters that make a jock fill the bill here? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

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Jay T. said...

Pete Rose.

I loved watching him compete on the field. Off the field, he acted like an addicted fool.