Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When you're a focused fan life could be miserable but at least it's simple. If you're a Duck fan and the football team stinks, that's that. If you're a Lions fan you just learn to deal with the horror. Then you have those of us who spread out their fandom and run into those star crossed seasons. As a lifelong Knicks fan and for about 2 decades, pretty huge Oregon fan this has been an interesting year. No hope for Oregon while NY made the big splash landing Amare Stoudamire in free agency. Knicks have played their best ball in a decade and will end a 7 year playoff drought. I, like every single person I spoke with, texted, emailed, listeners, callers, writers felt this was going to be a long, long U of O basketball season but it's been a tremendous surprise and fun to witness. New York seemed to be putting together the pieces for perhaps a rise in the East. I'll be blunt. I hate like poison this deal for Carmelo Anthony. Guy has been part of a Denver team that has gone out in the 1st round of the post season every year except one. They don't play defense, thus are not a serious championship contender. Knick's coach Mike D'Antoni was at the helm of those Steve Nash led run and gun Sun's teams who always got sent packing in the playoffs. He did take them to a couple of West finals, but never over the hump. The style is entertaining but traditionally there is a cement ceiling regarding how far it will take a pro team. Don't forget, those Showtime Lakers could "D" up and play halfcourt offense when it was time to collect rings. Michael Cooper was All NBA 1st or 2nd team 9 times, Kareem 11, AC Green was a terrific defender, it wasn't all Magic to Worthy for dunks. Count me as a "no" vote for this deal.
I guess it's time to start thinking about the NFL draft as the league holds it's combines in Indy later this week. Interesting that Cam Newton will take part. Usually the high level QB's like that individual workout that is very controlled with their own receivers and the ability to really dictate policy. I'm thinking Newton and his people are of the opinion they can make a huge splash and make a run at the #1 overall.
On today's show, why the NBA right now is getting such good TV ratings. It's because there are a ton of great, great young players. The league has a terrific foundation. Also gonna hit on Duck hoops, talk some baseball and as always, interested in what you have to say.

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