Thursday, February 17, 2011


When I was younger I didn't get it. In my 20's I got angry and vented. Now I just shake my head in disappoinment. It's all in reaction to when fans, media members, players or coaches react in a manner that should never be associated with sports. I think back to the Spotted Owl controversy in Oregon. To send a message, some slimebag shot an owl and while still alive, stuffed it in a sack to be found on a fence. That darned owl was obviously spearheading the movement for protection in the legislature. Police in Auburn have arrested a moron in connection with poisoning oak trees at historic Toomer's Corner at the University. It's where the Tigers celebrate big victories like the Iron Bowl against Alabama. This putz is 62 years old and even called a radio show to claim/brag about what he did. It's likely the 130 year old trees will die. His name is Harvey Almorn Updyke Jr. He signed off after calling the Paul Finebaum show with "Roll Damn Tide". Talk about a waste of skin.
Today(Thur), I also read about Joel Northrup, a high school wrestler in Iowa. He defaulted away his first round match in the state tournament rather than face one of the 1st girls ever to qualify! Said it was a matter of conscience and his faith to not "engage" a girl in this manner. The young woman, Cassy Herkelman had a 20 & 13 record so had managed to survive 33 matches. She and another girl became the first females to qualify for this state tournament that started in 1926. Really? 2011 and this neanderthal mentality still has firm roots? I guess some still feel girls have "cooties".
I've been one of those not overly concerned about the Lakers. Sure, it's only February but now they've lost to the Cavaliers. They began this 7 game road trip heading into the All Star break winning their 1st four including a lockdown defensive performance at Boston. Now they've lost 3 in a row, the previous 2 by 14 at Orlando and the 20 point embarassment in Charlotte. This break is coming at a great time for the champs.
Have to send out a major "RIP" to Len Lesser who was known to most for his hysterical portrayal of Uncle Leo on "Seinfeld". Also did a pretty funny turn on "Everyone Loves Raymond" as a friend of Ray's dad played by the late, great Peter Boyle. Always feel something's lost when someone who always made us laugh passes.

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