Sunday, January 30, 2011


I don't play the fuddy duddy card about when I was a kid. I think anyone who works in this industry and ignores Twitter, Facebook or the other wonders of the technology & information era is a knucklehead. It also doesn't mean we can't point out shortcomings and problems. Athletes who tweet every mundane, let the cat out, brushed my teeth moment are sad. Those who care are worse. I also find those who use tweeting to express immediate anger are childish. We went through this when Jay Cutler went to the sidelines in the Bears NFC title game loss to the Packers. Current and former players, coaches, and broadcasters passed judgment on the guy with absolutely zero info or knowledge. Of course we have an industry(political talk radio), based on that mentality. Last week, Green Bay was going to take it's team photo for the Super Bowl, but some players who'd been injured and are not rehabbing with the club tweeted their displeasure. So they couldn't pick up the phone and talk with the coach or GM? Is it me or does that wreak of high school gossip and pettiness. Makes these supposed tough guy football players come off like drama queen divas! I love all the social networking. I've made connections and keep in touch with longtime friends & family plus I set up most of my interviews via text or e-mail. That said, as usual I find a tad of moderation helps. Unless we're under attack and it's the president, there is not another being in the solar system who needs to share their every thought. Some of these clowns need to get a grip and grow up. Okay, I'm off to tweet something critical about a game I'm watching.

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