Friday, January 14, 2011


So Lawrence Taylor, once the guy I tabbed as the best I'd seen play in person on a regular basis. Any sport. Entering a guilty plea and having to register as a sexual offender. This is not one of those cases of a kid seeing his hero take an OJ like fall. When Taylor was drafted by the Giants out of North Carolina in 1981 I was already 20. Plus I'm a bigger Jets fan than Gmen. But watching him week in and week out from section 126 at the Meadowlands made me understand what folks who saw Ruth or Jimmy Brown or Willie Mays do their thing. Taylor admits to having sex with a girl who was 16 at the time. Says she claimed to be 19. Like that matters. For openers, he was a married man spending $300 to have sex with a hooker. Pretty classy from the get go. Let's not forget, at the time of the crime, he was 51 years old. Then to find out her fake age is beyond excusable. Simply because he's supposedly helped out prosecutors in their pursuit of the scum involved in human trafficking he's avoiding jail time. Too bad. He's a pig.
Quite the show last night at the new arena. Was great to see Phil Knight grab the mic and speak from the heart. Really added a terrific element. Place is unreal and in case it you missed it, there actually exists a mid court stripe but it was not visable to TV viewers. Nice win for the early part of the Dana Altman era against a solid USC team. Southern Cal had beaten #20 Texas, #18 Tennessee at their place and nearly knocked off 3rd ranked Kansas. They get back to work at 2pm tomorrow at the sweet MKA.
NFL playoffs...PLAYOFFS? Odd fact. Of the 4 match-ups, all are rematches to the extreme that with 2 divisional rivals, you have 6 games already played between the teams involved in the quartet of Super Bowl Tournament affairs. Love divisional weekend. It's a beautiful thing! Enjoy your weekend.

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