Monday, January 3, 2011


I guess they'll eventually play. Barring the end of earth it's set for a week from tonight. How long ago was the 2010 season? For the record, the BCS title has been settled as late as January 8th, but never this late. It's also been played on January 3rd. With all the issues surrounding our favorite alphabet soup organization, how high up there does this one rate? We're hitting the road after our live show from Sam's Place on Tuesday. Loading up the Guaranty RV and heading south. Overnight stops in Phoenix(OR), then Bakersfield before we land in Arizona on Thursday. Thursday afternoon in our usual time slot(Crunchtime @ 3, SportsTalk @4) we'll do the show from Dos Gringos in Scottsdale. Visit and click the Scottsdale link or call 480-423-3800 for directions. Really hope to see some Oregon fans down there on Thursday and Friday. Place looks really cool. Located in what they refer to Old Town Scottsdale it features three patios, one on the roof with 4 full service bars and a loaded food menu. Never took a road trip like this, so I'm looking forward to a unique adventure.
Was really pleased with the TCU victory over Wisconsin. Anything that shines the light of ineptitude on the BCS is alright in my book. Let's face it, by the time kickoff surfaced, most I'd spoken to figured this Badger team would push the Horned Frogs all over the place. Didn't happen. So let's get this straight. Utah beat Pitt and Alabama. Boise State beat Oklahoma and now TCU takes out the big bad boys from the Big 10. They did it with a defense that forced 2 drives to stall and settle for field goals. One was made, the other missed meaning UW needed that two pointer that failed in the waning moments.
It pained me to see such an inspired performance by Washington beating Nebraska. I don't buy the "not wanting to be there" garbage. You really think the Cornhusker players rolled over? The Dawgs just outplayed them and designed a sweet plan that allowed them to run the ball and figured out how to limit the damage done by Husker QB Taylor Martinez. It was the 2nd meeting of the season and in both, Jake Locker just stunk throwing the ball. I can't imagine he's even remotely capable of playing the position at the next level. Pac 10 needed that shot in the arm after the way Arizona was handled easily by Oklahoma State. Is Mike Stoops really going to keep that job? What a knucklehead.

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