Thursday, January 20, 2011


I already know how obnoxious this is. I listen to the gazillionaire owner of the New Jersey Nets speak and try to clown a bit with the media and I cringe. Sorry, I hear a woman with a British or Latino accent and I think "sexy". I hear a guy speaking Italian and I think "player". A guy comes at me with that Eastern Bloc accent and I think "prison guard". It's freaking scary. Mikhail Prokhorov trying to be snarky with references to carrier pigeons and telling us we "might" have heard of Michael Jordan is awful sounding. Let's face it, we can all name the one Russian comedian and when was the last time you heard from Yakov Smirnoff?
On today's show we'll speak with Jason Quick of the Oregonian. He covers the Blazer's beat which is intrigue central these days for many reasons, most of which you'd prefer avoiding. This should be quite the interesting talk with lot's of angles to cover.
I know a bunch of people think LeMarcus Aldridge is all star worthy, but I disagree!

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