Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Do you know the names Bob Medina and Todd Forcier? They are the head and assistant strength and conditioning coaches for the Portland Trailblazers. The announcement came down today(Mon) that Marcus Camby is the latest team member who needs surgery on a knee. He partially tore a meniscus. He joins the familiar list of Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Jeff Pendergraph and Elliot Williams with knee injuries. We're not medically qualified and can take the time to view each situation individually, but this is just plain odd and a bit disturbing. Portland is locked into NBA purgatory. They're not nearly good enough to contend for the Western Conference title and not nearly bad enough to fall into the lottery. The trade deadline is 5 weeks off. This is a franchise who needs to make some very difficult decisions. Move those with value, lose a bunch of games the rest of the way home and perhaps make the lottery or stay put, grind out an 8 seed, get run in the 1st round of the playoffs, then hit the off-season drawing board. Good luck with all that. We will hear from ace beat writer Jason Quick of the Oregonian about this tomorrow(Thur) just past 5pm.
Was anyone else pained at watching Al Davis during the Oakland press conference to announce Hue Jackson as their 83rd coach the past 6 years? I know the guy once set the standard for forward thinking and on field success. Not any more. He comes off as barely coherent and remarkably bitter considering his wealth and 3 Super Bowl trophies. It's not enough to just fire another coach for a situation that's not entirely their fault, but the bad mouthing is classless just as Big Al appears clueless. I actually like Jackson and think his offensive mind is the best in the organization since Jon Gruden left for Tampa after the 2001 season. I just seriously question if Davis will interefere in the damaging manner that has become his recent legacy.

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