Tuesday, January 25, 2011


By now you might have heard about John Stone, the Chicago area car salesman who got canned for wearing a Packer's tie to work on Monday. Obviously it was the day after Green Bay took out the Bears for the NFC title. Turns out his grandmother was a huge Pack fan and her funeral was the Friday before the game. He's new to the dealership and was not aware they had some kind of working deal with the Bear's franchise. It appears his boss, Jerry Roberts, didn't pull him aside and explain the situation, but rather went off on him with certain charming cuss words, threatened his job, then fired him. I see the point of the company until the moron boss, Mr. Roberts said he would have had no trouble with Stone's neckwear on Saturday. So what you're saying is a guys liveliehood was worth risking because some team lost a stupid game? I wish I were a "wrongful termination" lawyer in that city.
Very happy to hear Charles Barkley rip into the knucklehead players who lit up Jay Cutler via Twitter during Sunday's NFC title game. Of course it's become downright American to run one's yap based on nothing but opinion while avoiding the facts. Then again you have a bonehead on the radio in Eugene who late in yesterday's show referred to Oregon linebacker Casey and Packer linebacker Clay as cousins. Really Steve? Follow the Ducks much? Follow the NFL much? Perhaps I left my brain in the Valley of the Sun. Guess between those two and the 1st generation, Bruce and the elder Clay, I got confused.
I'd recommend the Lance Armstrong story from the latest Sports Illustrated. It's long and involved and a lot of "he said she said", but tells us alot about what some are willing to overlook or do in the name of winning big and banking big dollars. It's not enlightening and you don't come away with that feeling of redemtion like "Shawshank Redemption", but if you have an interest in steroids or performance enhancers, it's good stuff.

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