Thursday, December 30, 2010


The word just came down that LeMichael James will return to play for the Ducks next season. Awesome news. Not even 1% surprising. That's right, I've harped for weeks that he's coming back because leaving to become a 3rd or 4th round NFL pick with their hovering labor issues is pretty much stupid and LMJ is obviously a wise young man. I'm as big a fan of #21 as the next guy, but being an NFL junkie he's not a lock to get a lot of playing time at the next level. He would be the lightest feature back by about 10 pounds. In order to become a viable pro threat I believe LeMike will have to put his pass catching talents on display and maybe show he can return punts or kicks. Pleased he'll be a part of the backfield seeking a Pac 10 three-peat but I truly never doubted it.
How about the Black Knights of the Hudson winning their first bowl in a quarter century taking down SMU 16-14. Army runs it, alot. Their quarterback Trent Steelman put it up 6 times with 1 completion the first 58 minutes and 12 seconds of the game. On 3rd and 4 he connected with David Brooks to ice the thing and end in victory formation. Gotta see some irony in one of the rare, true scholar/athlete football programs representing the U.S Military Academy beating the one program we've seen hit with the Death Penalty during this generation. Talk about a contrast! It's a beautiful thing, and more importantly, made my dad happy. He called me here at the station the minute the game ended.
We'll be talking Blazers on the program today at 5pm with Jason Quick of the Oregonian, plus your continued memories of Mac Court as well as our usual m/o.

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