Thursday, December 23, 2010


So the NCAA has suspended 5 Buckeyes including Terrelle Pryor and one of his top weapons, Devier Posey for the first five games of the 2011 season. Hmm. If only there was a way to dole out a severe, message sending punishment this season, like an upcoming major bowl game. The decision was handed down from the NCAA, not thee Ohio State University. My guess is coach Jim Tressell or AD Gene Smith could have insisted the goofballs sit for the Sugar Bowl, but decided against it. What a joke! How much cash you want to lay down Pryor & Posey simply enter the NFL draft and side step the entire issue. Pryor is on the hook for the $2500 or so he got from selling stuff like his 2008 Big 10 Championship ring. Also nabbed for receiving improper benefits, leading rusher Dan Herron, starting left tackle Mike Adams and a key D-Line rotation guy in Solomon Thomas. Think having them sit would impact the game against Arkansas on January 1st??
It was a sweat-out, but I gave you Boise State laying the 17 in last night's Vegas Bowl. The interesting aspect of betting these games is you view the scoreboard differently than the average fan. I'm thinking at 26-3 when Utah got the ball back on their own 44 with 8:49 left that BSU is going max prevent. That added up to a gimme, meaningless TD, what my buddies and I refer to as "the late cheapie" to make it 26-10 sticking it to us by a point. When Terrence Cain was stuffed on a 4th down play, jubilation rang out in the Tannen household. Amazing how happy you can get over 50-bucks!
No question we're going list crazy on today's programming. My favorite stories, people and moments of 2010. Have a Merry Christmas!

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