Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think it's an interesting coincidence Lebron James is returning to Cleveland for the 1st time since the ill-conceived "Decision", the same week as the biggest Civil War ever. Lot of talk about how he'll be treated. Some writers and media members calling on the Cavs fans to go easy and not spew so much venom. Hate to say it, but that ain't happening. Remember, for the most part this franchise is the Clippers or the Lions of their sport. Complete and total non-entities. Except for the period between 2003-04 and last year when James put them on the map and made them relevant. In the early 1990's they made the East finals with Mark Price, Craig Ehlo, Brad Daugherty and Larry Nance, but for the most part been a "who cares" team. Right now they're significant, but as of tomorrow morning, it's back to the back burner. That's why I see some serious fireworks on tonight's horizon. Last chance for people to pay attention. Hopefully it won't get ugly.
As for that other Civil War. I was thinking about the logic of Oregon State doing all they can to run the ball, and keep the Oregon offense on the sideline for as long as possible. Obviously that means getting Quizz Rodgers on track. The problem with that theory is what's gone down during this 2010 season. Against the 3 top opponents the Beavs have faced, TCU, Boise State and Stanford, Jacquizz has made a limited contribution at best. Never more than 75 yards. 1 TD versus the Froggies, 1 against the Broncos and he was kept from paydirt in last week's disaster down on the farm. I don't see him having a monster game at Reser which means Ryan Katz has to come up huge. I don't think there is a more important player on Saturday than the Beav's sophomore from Santa Monica.
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