Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So the Phillies sneak under the radar and grab Cliff Lee from the Rangers and the evil clutches of the Yankees. I was glad New York failed because this knee jerk reaction of always pursuing a big ticket free agent to solve problems doesn't guarantee anything. The recent run of success came via the mix. Draft picks, the occasional trade and sure, when you're filthy wealthy, sign a stud. I feel for Texas. This is not a franchise traditionally in the mix or even the post season and Lee was their big gun that gave them the edge in the West and made them a legit player in the AL. Plus I really like Nolan Ryan and what he's doing in Arlington. He, along with Orel Hersheiser are promoting the end of babying pitchers. We'll all hear ad-nauseum what this means for the Phils rotation and shot at returning to the World Series in 2011. No great teams in the NL. They're a huge favorite without a doubt.
Really like how the Oregon men just rolled over their opponent last night. Make no mistake, I had this vision leading up to the season of them struggling to put away lesser teams but they're better than expected. They shot well, but more than the percentage, it's the quality of shots they're getting. In the 1st half, 11 of their 15 buckets came via the assist which is a tremendous ratio signifying outstanding ball movement and decision making. Things get a bit more difficult at the John Paul Jones arena against ACC member Virginia. We'll have more Cavs/Ducks talk as the week moves along, but UVA at 6 & 3 has beaten #17 Minnesota and Oklahoma with losses to Pac 10 foes Washington and Stanford. Interesting.
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