Friday, December 3, 2010


So how high on the list is playing for the right to play for a national title in the sport that has become America's passion? And I'm talking in the history of the Pacific Northwest. Up there with the Blazers winning it all in 77 or making the NBA Finals in 90 & 92? Winning the Fiesta Bowl in 2001. Seattle has had minimal success. No World Series, one Super Bowl, one NBA title in 79. Do National Titles in sports like Track & Field or College Baseball rate? I'm thinking this rates with any of them. I'll be looking for your input on this when we crank it up for our two local shows starting at 3pm.
Absolutely must acknowledge the passing of longtime Cubbie 3rd baseman, Ron Santo. I've had issues with those who vote for baseball's Hall of Fame the past decade or so because ballotteers have become self righteous, Sabre-metric twits. Santo should be in no question. The numbers he put up must be properly evaluated and these morons have bricked for way, way too many years. The years he was driving in more than 100 and knocking out 30+dingers were during the most dominating pitching era since pre-Babe Ruth. It was so out of whack, that following the 1968 season they lowered the mound because Bob Gibson had a 1.12 era, a mediocre pitcher like Denny McClain won 31 games and Carl Yazstremski led the AL in batting with a .301 average. Santo led the league in walks 4 times, on base percentage twice and even paced the NL in triples in 1964. He was also a 9 time All Star and won 5 gold gloves at 3rd. Compare him to an undeserving, one dimensional hack like Jim Rice who couldn't catch a cold and played in the much more favorable mid 70's thru the 80's. It's a freaking disgrace!
Get in on our score prediction for the Civil War. The winner will get a $25 certificate to Tracktown Pizza on Franklin and Jung's Mongolian Grill on West 11th. Send your score to or text it to 653-3098. Good luck.

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