Monday, December 13, 2010


I doubt it, but I'm putting it out there anyway. Was I the only one who felt dirty watching the Heisman presentation Saturday night? For the record, I tuned in for the last 10-12 minutes only. When I first saw Cam Newton in front of the camera after his dazzling 2nd half performance to beat South Carolina the first time in late September I was impressed. Seemed at ease, let his play do the talking, great smile, hell of a player. Now I see him as a snake oil salesman. Let's play bottom line. I think he knew what daddy Cecil was up to and wanted the cash to play. I'm not naive to think he's unique, but I'm hopeful enough to wish he didn't represent the rule. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.
The Eagles beat the Cowboys in Sunday night football. After the final gun, Dallas running back Tashard Choice got an autograph for his nephew from the murdering scum bag Michael Vick. Not sure what's more nauseating, getting an opponents signature or passing along one from a psychopath evil pig to a child.
I have a theory about the NFL. I count the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Saints and maybe Atlanta as Super Bowl contenders. Look at what happened to the Bears yesterday and the Jets the past 2 weeks. Talk about frauds! You can have the other 27 teams and that includes Philly with a very suspect defense. A buddy and I caught the better part of most of yesterday's games and we shook our heads at the lack of snap or quality. Considering the departure of college football I was looking forward to some great pro action. What a DUD!
I'm starting to get excited about college basketball season. Tennessee winning at Pitt on Saturday was pretty entertaining. Compared to the NFL yesterday, it was Duke/Kentucky from 92!

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