Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Listening to all the BCS coverage, NFL football, NBA, ect. and I'm wondering who folks think are the best and worst. No qualifications or limitations. If the broadcaster is national or network, they're fair game. They can do play by play, color commentary, radio, TV studio work, give me your 3 best and the trio you'd like to throw down with.
The firing of Josh McDaniels in Denver seems like the poster move for the modern, information age generation. An owner like Pat Bowlen who ran a very stable franchise, went outside the Bronco circle to pull in a Bill Belichick desciple. Didn't last 2 years. Too much at stake. Too many missteps? The days of a 3-4 or 5 year program are a distant memory. Gotta make a move now or you're history.
People are making too much of this Patriot dusting of the Jets. New York could very easily be 5 & 7. They won games late against the Browns, Lions, Texans and ironically the Broncos that don't happen in other seasons. New England is coming together with a very young defense and a cohesive offense. This is far from etched in stone, but I see the Steelers at Pats for the AFC title and the Dixie battle between the Saints and Falcons in the NFC.
How about the NBA. Think people jump to knee jerk conclusions? Heat are now 14 & 8 with Miami Thrice starting to gel. How folks hit the pro hoop panic button in November is nothing short of idiotic. The East is not great. The freaking Knicks are making a move. Talk to me on February 1st before you draw any serious thoughts about Lebron, Dwade & this team, especially as they heal up. Definitely keep an eye on the Bulls. Just got Carlos Boozer back and they just beat the excellent Oklahoma City team with CB putting up 29 pts & grabbing 12 boards. After a stop in Cleveland tomorrow they host the Lakers Friday night. Early season can't miss NBA.
Okay, time to give away some loot. E-mail the correct answer to stevetannen@live.com or text it to 653-3098. The Ducks have played in 2 BCS games, the win versus Colorado and last year's loss to Ohio State. Combined they've scored a total of 7 touchdowns. How many were via the run, how many via the pass? Good luck!

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