Friday, December 17, 2010


I've been insulted. You've been insulted. For heaven's sake we've sat around knocking back cold ones and the entire conversation was based on cutting each other up. I don't recall offers of substantial dollars to play a game coming into play. San Francisco Giant's part time shortstop Edgar Rentaria says the team disrespected him by putting a million dollar, 1 year contract in front of him. We know he hit the go ahead homer in the deciding game against Texas this past October to win the world series. He's had a nice career. He missed 90 games. They signed the much more productive Miguel Tijada to play the position every day. The year before, 2009, he hit 5 homers, drove in 48 runs and batted a whopping .250. The Giants have paid him 18 million dollars over the past 2 seasons. He's earned more than 80-mill during his career. He's not the one who should be insulted.
The NFL's 3rd to last week of the regular season got rolling with a snoozer as the Chargers kept their post season hopes alive by punishing the 49ers. I thought Frisco was going to win the West and ridiculously, they still might, but they're a disappointment. I think coach Mike Singletary is gone. In the biggest game of the year, they could barely make a 1st down or make a defensive stop. Brutal. The Bolts could win out and still miss the post season at 10 & 6 and be the hottest team this side of the Patriots in the NFL.
Amazing story of the day. Tom Fenton lives just north of New York City. He coaches hockey. In 2009 he was a goalie who won one of his 14 starts at a small school in Massachusettes. Phoenix was in NY to play the Rangers. Their starter was hurt. They needed a back-up. His phone rang. On the other end was the Coyotes director of scouting who told Fenton they needed him to get to Madison Square Garden and suit up as their emergency netminder. He arrived, warmed up but never got in. Can't make this stuff up.
Bowl season begins tomorrow. Gotta admit, I'm kind of looking forward to catching some college action. Nice way to ease in, prep for the holidays and take our minds off the monster layoff before the BCS title game.
Very pumped for a Sunday chock full of NFL. Jags at Colts, Chiefs at Rams, Eagles at Giants, Saints at Baltimore. All 10 am games where both teams are in the playoff hunt. After last week's terrible slate, this is a beautiful thing. Enjoy your weekend.

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