Monday, December 27, 2010


As I got my Sunday rolling and flipped on the radio, one of the first things I heard was possibly postponing Vikings/Eagles because of snow. Really? Didn't see that possibility in the Northeast in late December? Knowing the Philly fans whose beloved "Iggles" are in the hunt, they'd hire Nanook of the North to make it to the Link for this game. Not to mention they have a terrific public transportation system(SEPTA-South East Pennsylvania Transit Authority) having used it quite frequently my 2 years there. Are you telling me the circumstances from a fan danger point of view wasn't more severe in Minnesota last week when the game switched from indoors to outdoors? Really odd.
Anyone else find the 5 Buckeye players getting suspended for about 40% of the season for making a few hundred dollars out of balance considering we're pretty much convinced Cam Newton & his family sold his services for 180 grand? I'm actually happy he's playing to avoid the immediate taint clouding the BCS title game, but at the same time I can't imagine this ends without Auburn having the 2010 season erased for using an ineligible player!
I'm with Chip Kelly, I don't buy into "messages", but the effort and result on Xmas day with the Heat torching the Lakers at LA was audible. I'm mentioned before my hope that Miami makes a legit NBA Championship run for all those goofballs who went so far overboard in their hatred of LeBron James. He certainly misfired on "the decision", but made one of the most pathetic, loser pro franchises relevant and was leaving because Cleveland is not a dream destination. Played out his contract and left as a free agent. Stop the presses.
The Oregon men hoopers begin Pac 10 play on Thursday and the visit from the Arizona schools represents the final 2 games in program history at Mac Court. Wow! Even seems odd seeing it written.

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