Monday, December 6, 2010


This is really sweet. I was crunching some numbers. The 1st BCS title was held in January of 99. Including the 2 participants from this year, that means 26 slots. Auburn and Oregon become the 13th and 14th programs to vie for the prize. It's a very repative, select club. Of the previous 12 to qualify, only Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Alabama and Nebraska have made one appearance. Of the rest, Texas, Miami, USC, LSU and Florida went twice. Florida State and thee Ohio State University made the biggie three times and Oklahoma four! It's one of those moments or accomplishments which seperates. We've spoken many times over the years about where Oregon football stands. The clear upgrade from the early 90's, through the Harrington years to where they are now. By making back to back BCS bowls the Ducks join conversations that once seemed unattainable.
How about Dana Altman and this basketball team? You don't want to get too far ahead of yourselves, but how can you not be encouraged? I was a huge supporter of the Kent regime and still feel he deserved a shot to open the new arena, but that doesn't mean Coach Altman isn't a terrific hire. They're very different people and with the multiple Elite 8 appearances, the bar is set pretty up there but this guy seems to be outstanding with those x's & o's. A knowledgable buddy of mine uses the phrase "nuts & bolts". I like how his offense gets the ball inside for high percentage shots and the players appear to be very willing to absorb what Altman is saying. My personal level of optimism has grown substantially in recent weeks.
On today's shows we continue the share the joy, take your calls, and of course culminate CrunchTime with another edition of "What Are You Doing?"

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