Wednesday, December 1, 2010


If you hang with a group of guys, co-workers, family members long enough, you'll develop a kind of personal language or means of communication. I knew a few knuckleheads I worked with maybe 28-29 years ago who would in the middle of the conversation yell "sweep"! That meant it was time to sweep what the outsider was saying under the rug. A favorite of my gang of misfits was "NBC" or "Channel 4". In the New York market, the NBC affiliate is on Channel 4. But to us idiots it means "No Body Cares". I'm hearing people on a national level talk about the early season problems of the Miami Heat like the security of America hangs in the balance. As I drive around and the subject surfaces my reaction is always "NBC" or "Channel 4". I hope my old pals appreciate this. Can even the most die hard NBA fan be that up in arms over anything that happens beyond a season ending injury in late November? Come on!
By the way, now day 3 of Civil War week and still have not heard one football reason to believe Oregon State has a legit shot at derailing the Duck express headed for Glendale. The joy of sports is the unknown. Miracle on Ice coach Herb Brooks expressed it brilliantly. 99 out of 100 nights that Soviet Red Army team is taking out Team U.S.A, just not that night. The 2010 Ducks and Beavs meet 20 times, gotta believe Oregon is winning 19. Will that one misstep be Saturday? Be curious to hear from the expert analysts out there to point me in another direction.
Gonna go easy on you folks the rest of the week. No Trivia. Just a prediciton for Saturday's Civil War. The winner gets a $25 gift certificate for Jung's Mongolian Grill on West 11th and Tracktown Pizza on Franklin. Sweet deal. E-mail your numbers to or text it to 653 3098! Good luck.

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