Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After I arrived on the West Coast, I was fortunate to make some great friends. Even met my wife. At times they've pulled me aside and said that my East Coast "tone" is capable of coming off as a bit mean spirited and downright obnoxious. I understood, but at the same time countered it doesn't mean I'm wrong. Former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker is trying to continue his playing career in the Developmental League. Despite having earned about 100 million over his career in salary, he's not only broke, but in debt. Antoine Walker is a moron. Is that harsh? Mean? Sure! Wrong? I don't think so.
Still haven't heard from an OSU supporter who has offered up a football reason this Civil War is going to be tight. Received some cuts, some 'watch outs', but no one has even come remotely close to convincing me the game is hanging in the balance like last season at Autzen. We will have a conversation with Lindsay Schnell who is in her 1st year covering the Beaver Beat for the Oregonian. She's due for a chat at 4:20. I really like her work. Had a great quote from one of the coaches about having to "tackle in space" better against Oregon. If that's their potion, I'm doubling down on the Ducks.
The Colorado Rockies have just extended their shortstop Troy Tulowitzki to the tune of 20-mil per season. That's a bit more than the Yankees offered Derek Jeter, but less than he wants. Tulo will play this season at age 26. He's just hitting his prime. Love my Jeets, but he's gotta get a grip and take that 3 year, 45 million dollar offer from the Yanks.
I was just given some neat giveaways to get us through the week. Let's begin with $25 gift certificate to Jung's Mongolian Grill. Great stuff. Up West 11th in Eugene. Text me at 653-3098 or email the answer to stevetannen@live.com
We've seen a few lopsided Civil War football games this decade including 65-38 in 2008, 50-21 in 2004. What was the most one-sided romp during the decade of the 1990's?? Good luck!

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