Monday, November 22, 2010


If we've learned anything this football season, and I mean NCAA & NFL, it's don't pay all that much attention to what you just saw. Not sure I recall a year where the landscape changes more week to week. I was positive this Oregon State team was as weak as we've seen since 1997, the year before they beat Oregon in that Triple OT Civil War. And by the by, those losses to the Cougs, Dawgs and Bruins are a horror show. Saturday's top to bottom demolition of USC shows Mike Riley can still rally the troops and knock you off your pedastal. Still have to grab one agains the class of the conference(and nation), on the road at Stanford and home for the Ducks. Gotta admit, I was way more worried about Arizona from an Oregon point of view. That's changed a bit.
Lot of focus on the antics of Nebraska coach Bo Pellini losing it with the refs and his own star QB Taylor Martinez. Want to discuss this on today's show. It's about the leopard and his spots. I'll cite clowns like Mike Stoops of Arizona, Terrell Owens and Vince Young. I think people can change and mature, I wonder if the same percentage we see in society applies to long time spoiled, pampered, overpaid folks in the fantasy world of sports?
Gotta doff my cap to the folks handing out MLB's post season awards. Some felt to voters might go with Albert Pujols who again put up monster numbers over the deserving Joey Votto of the Reds. They didn't. Votto was nearly unanimous taking all but one vote. Cincy got in the playoffs, the Cardinals didn't. This must be incorporated when decifering a guys value. Well done.

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