Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm optimistic the Ducks can win their last 3 games, clinch the Pac 10 title and play for the National Championship. Before the injury to Nate Costa, I would have used a term like confident or even expressed a willingness to wager a large sum. Sorry, but Costa can lead this team past Cal, Arizona and Oregon State. His performance against Washington State(I know they stink) showed his ability to run the show. He knows this system as well as anyone on the team. Darron Thomas goes down and what? We've lost our piece of mind. I've heard some say Bryan Bennett might even challenge for the starting position next year. AND? It's 2010. The time is now. Not one person out there, Oregon coaches included, have any remote idea how he will react or perform against the Bears, Cats or Beavs at the tail end of a cutthroat conference season. I love rolling the dice. Other times I'll take the bird in hand. That's what Nate brought to the table. We know he can play at the D-1 level. Thomas stays healthy, we simply feel for Costa as he won't be able to take part in the stretch run of this magical season. Sorry to be a downer, but it's a fact!
I heard that bozo Bill Hancock, the executive director of the B.C.S. He's a cliche. Guy should run for office. He offers no real answers. This garbage about a playoff hindering the meaning of the current bowls holds no water. Check the attendance numbers for those games. You think they go DOWN if they're part of a playoff with the winner advancing to either a national semi-final or championship game? Please. I'm not fully on board with the "who are the best two teams" mentality. The goal is to crown a champ which means determining who can handle the heat of a playoff situation like we see in the pros or every other college sport at every level. The more these knuckleheads pitch their case, the more infuriated I get.

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