Thursday, November 4, 2010


It would be awesome to celebrate a national title with my wife, kids and all the great friends I've made during my 20 years as a Eugenean. That said, I've noticed an element of Oregon fans who simply don't deserve this joy. I can not believe the "poor us" mentality that exists among a certain faction of Duck supporters. This whole "no respect" or "media bias" is a complete load of crap! If the Ducks don't have the proper respect then why are they #1 in every poll? If the SEC gets all the pub and props then why is Auburn behind Oregon despite having played a much tougher schedule?
Here's an idea. Cancel the rest of the year and just send the trophy to the Cas Center. Oh wait! We've only made it through 2/3rds of the year. For the record, the only team that's gone unbeaten in the BCS era and failed to play in their championship game was from the SEC.(See Auburn 04).
Wake up people! The Ducks have become the national pet. 90% of those who cover the sport are on board, yet the paranoid complainers only focus on the small percentage desperate for attention offering contrary thoughts. I'm putting together a list of whiny, needy celebs and jocks who remind me of these Oregon fans. Feel free to contribute at will.

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Anonymous said...

This blog is intellectually lazy. First off saying an undefeated Auburn team that got passed over due to a very weak schedule as proof of no bias is laughable. According to this blog Auburn has a better schedule then the Ducks.(Agreed) If schedule is important now then it was then so maybe Auburn's cream puff schedule in 04 is the reason they didn't play for it all. Secondly Stanford has the best one loss out of every one loss team in the country. Yet a quick glance at the BCS standings has 7 one loss teams in front of them. This is because the national media IS quick to discount the Pac -10. he fact that Oregon is ahead of Auburn is more a function of Oregon starting ahead of Auburn in pre-season rankings. So please don't complain about a subsection of fans when they have a point.