Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The first e-mail I opened today absolutely made my day. From a woman I've heard of from time to time over the years. The theme was her disdain for those praising Michael Vick because he's had a few games. My favorite part? Tie him to a treadmill and force him to exercise until exhaustion. Between games he has to sit in a cage. If he underperforms, hold him under water. Make this useless piece of crap play for his life! Well done. From my chair, anyone who supports garbage like this has problems. Faking injuries, using performance enhancing drugs, dishonesty in a marriage are certainly character flaws. They don't render you subhuman. And save the go to line about paying his debt to society. Vick isn't square with any society I consider decent and want to be a part of.
Guys? I have great news. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting divorced. I read their was a pre-nup. I know he pulls down big bucks as an NBA front liner, but she does movies, national ads for make-up and stuff like that, along with a hit TV show. Who benefits there? I just thought I'd pass it along she's back on the market so make your move.
As of right now, a few minutes before noon on Wednesday the 17th of November, they have not announced the AL Cy Young winner. Gotta be Felix Hernandez. If he pitched for New York or Texas he'd have won 25 games. Best pitcher in the American Leauge in 2010, hands down, end of story.
I saw the betting line on USC/OSU is Trojans by just 3. Wow! That looks like stealing money. Plays into my trick bag theory. If it seems too easy, it probably is, but the temptation to send it in huge looms.

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