Friday, August 27, 2010


I know it's been a few years, but I'm not on board with ESPN's mega coverage of the Little League World Series. Watching these kids mug for the cameras like they're professionals is nauseating. Show the Final 4 and get over it. These kids are 12. We already know about idiot parents who put insane amounts of pressure on their children in a desperate attempt to live vicariously through the youngsters. They step out of the box, re-adjust their gloves, point to the sky and are far too aware the game is on TV. Play little league ball for fun and love of the game. Getting on national television should require a bit more of an accomplishment. I just don't buy it.
Lot of folks were chiming in on the Steve Strassburg situation 'yesterday'. Rob Dibble, one of the Nasty Boys in the Cincy bullpen that helped guide the Reds to the 1990 World Series title may have locked up the moron award. Said Strassy should learn to pitch through pain. How about now Dibbs? The guy is going to have to shut down his career for about 18 months with Tommy John surgery. As usual, it's about running ones yap without gathering all the proper information. Kind of like the yo-yo's who ripped on Chip Kelly because he didn't immediately render decisions to suit their time frame but actually did some fact checking.
We had the mini poll yesterday and you listeners voted in favor of Darron Thomas over Nate Costa by a slim 19-17 margin. E-mail or text your choice if you haven't voted to or 653-3098 and we'll check out the results.
Our guest on Crunch Time today at 3:20 is current OSN analyst and former Duck QB Mike Jorgensen. Looking forward to that.

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