Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I need to thank Jack Zellner, my 8th grade history teacher for the following. We learned about the Allied "Appeasement Policy" during World War II. They let Hitler and Germany take small countries in the hope he'd stop and not attempt to rule earth. Didn't work so well. I'd like to apply that theory to some idiots in the sports media. The trouble is I'll need a substantial enforcement organization which could get costly, but trust me, it will be worth it. The minute a talking head went on the air today to discuss the problems of the Miami Heat, they'd have been tranquilized and carted away, never to be seen again. Really? One game, at the home of a team who won the conference last season and nearly won the whole shooting match. Has everyone become Skip Bayless? Stop the madness. Remember in the 1st Godfather movie? Clemenza is talking with Michael Corleone about an impending conflict with the Tattaglia's and Barzini family and says "they should have stopped Hitler at Munich". It's not as dramatic, but you get my point. These discussions should not be allowed to progress for even an instant. It belittles us all.
Very excited about the start of the World Series. I like the Giants. Better starting pitching. Rangers have a very nice rotation, but really one dominator in the guy who gets the ball for game one, Cliff Lee. San Fran seems on a mission. With 4 games in the Bay Area the Texas defense will take a hit with Vlade Guerrero having to play the outfield. After 52 years on the West Coast, Frisco finally celebrates a title. Giants in 6!
Lot more on Oregon/USC and the whole football scene during the shows the next couple of days. How do you not love this time of year as a sports fan? Like putting a Cadillac in your nose, it's just impossible!

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