Monday, October 18, 2010


I know a lot of Oregon fans are a bit bent over running 2nd in the first BCS standings. Here's some advice. Get over it! They've played a much tougher schedule. Their lone patsie has been Utah State and that was week one. Out of league they've played the 2 time Big East Champion Cincinnati, a 5 win Air Force team and 6 & 1 Florida State. The Ducks have feasted on 3 horrible, and I mean just awful teams in New Mexico, Portland State and Washington State. Tennessee is winless in the SEC with their lone victories over Tennessee-Martin & in overtime against Alabama-Birmingham. Way too many hyphens. The jury is out on Arizona State. No contest. Remember, there are still 6 games left so getting testy at this point is assuming far too much. Plus they landed ahead of Boise State who hasn't lost in about 12 years. And for those who always whine like children about the SEC, why is the U of O ahead of both Auburn & LSU? If the Ducks roll Thursday then get past USC at Troy a week from Saturday, then come see me. Until then, they're in the BCS title game and that's all that matters.
I saw the numbers from last night's(Sun) 2 major sporting events. Game 2 of the NLCS between the Giants and Phillies along with the NFL match-up pitting the Skins & Colts. The baseball grabbed some nice TV ratings, but the NFL doubled it. Regular season versus playoffs. Is it really possible the powers that be in the players union, owners and league office will murder the golden goose and allow some labor strife to cost us to miss an entire season? How stupid would that be? These yo-yo's really can't figure out a way to divy up billions? This would be one of the all time bricks. Right up there with Napoleon invading Waterloo and The Packard.

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