Friday, October 1, 2010


On yesterday's show we kicked around the 4 logical scenarios for the Stanford game tomorrow and what that would mean for your view of the Duck's 2010 season. I know if Oregon win's big, folks are going to lose it! People will shoot right beyond the Rose Bowl to the National Title game and begin conniving a way to get past Alabama, Ohio State and Boise State to play for all the marbles. They lose big it's going to be a "misery-a-thon". The defense will be maligned, along with the offensive line, fingers will be pointed towards Oxford, Mississippi, it won't be pretty. A close game will likely lead to most fans still thinking this is a strong team who lost to another quality squad and will look forward with much optimism. I think Oregon must grab a lead in the 2nd half, preferably as early in the 3rd quarter as possible and let the rocking and rolling atmosphere test Cardinal QB Andrew Luck. He's a terrific young player but hasn't faced this kind of scene, or even close.
No question each team will face their most severe test. Arizona State's defense was formidable, but top to bottom, both sides of the line, I don't think they're in Stanford's league. While the Cardinal were impressive in beating UCLA at the Rose Bowl, the Bruin offense is flat out weak and getting a win at South Bend is always nice, but the Fighting Irish have an awful defense and a young quarterback who barely put up a fight.
Interesting game down in Troy with the Huskies in town. Gotta think the Trojans have this one circled in blood after losing up there to that awful team early last season. Was semi-surprised to see the oddsmakers said SC by just 10. I think they're going to light them Dawgs up. I guess if the Washington offense kicks it in they might put up some points on a less than dominant Southern Cal defense.
I'm calling this reality check weekend in the NFL. The Seaclucks won't likely get 2 kick returns for a TD as they visit this interesting Rams team led by #1 pick at QB, Sam Bradford. Pittsburg is a 1 point home favorite against Baltimore. Is it possible they can win all 4 games in the absence of Ben Roethlisberger? Tall order. And hopefully, the Eagles will come crashing to earth against the Redskins and Donavan McNabb. Here's hoping Michael Vick's career ends with a vicious, gruesome injury!

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Well said Steve, well said.