Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In the information age, I always get a kick of those who paint themselves as 'insiders' or 'experts'. Prior to both the NFL and College football seasons we heard from some of the national prognosticators and in no uncertain terms were told what to expect. Jake Locker was a Heisman candidate and had the inside track to the #1 pick in the draft. The Vikings and Cowboys were absolutely NFC contenders. Then a few weeks ago, in baseball, the Yankees and Phillies were favored to repeat as AL & NL pennant winners. Well done on all fronts.
The Locker call is just plain stupid. How these clowns earn a living covering college football should be reviewed by a government panel on fraud. The NFL calls had merit, but it was the adamant nature of those predictions that got me. Really? It's a lock a 40+ year old quarterback would be able to slide through the rigors of that league, especially without taking part in training camp and pretty much showing he had limited desire to return. As for the Cowboys, they're going to the Super Bowl based on....wait for it....wait for it....I'm still waiting for it. They beat the Vikings in the wild card round following the 1996 season. Didn't win their next playoff game till last winter's wild card round before getting blasted in the next round, 34-3. Super Bowl? Yeah Right! I like to make the occasional bet, and will hang out on a limb from time to time, but it's week to week, based on facts not hype. Do these yo yo's who are so far off it's embarassing, ever go on the air or a blog or a column and admit the mistake? I'm still waiting.


David said...

Stevo - well put on the so called experts. I like the other word they use "insiders"....give me a break.
Hey, know you want to see the Heat take it all this year. Give me your over/under on winning 60 games this year for the Heat, and also their record after 20 games. I say under on the 60 games, and 14-6 after 20 games. What say you?

Anonymous said...

Update on Robert Smith. I was going to give him some credit for toning down the rhetoric about Oregon's D as a couple days ago he merely said he doesn't believe in the Oregon defense (he went on to pick Oregon over SC anyway), but today the "fraud" comment was brought up again to which he repeated the term and then doubled down by saying "No two-ways about it."

Got to love some of these experts. But who knows, I agree with what Justin said the other day about Oregon's secondary being suspect, but to take a belief and turn it into fact is poor form IMO.