Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Mine has always been a bad house to stop at for sales people whether they're selling satellite tv or eternal peace. Any time Brett Farve has tried to sell his "aw shucks" country innocence the past couple years has been a no go as well. The guy is full of crap. The guy is self serving. The guy is a child. Hell of a quarterback, no question. This latest episode where he allegedly sent some racy photos via text to a former NY Jets employee, Jenn Sterger should not come as no surprise. For openers, he's not exactly a rocket scientist and you have to be a complete and total moron to engage in this kind of easily traceable behavior. Then you have the Brett cares about Brett and thinks he's entitled to everything he wants. I know it's mean, but I hope this brings him crashing down.
As for the Monday night game. Jets coach Rex Ryan is a macho knucklhead. I had no issues with his language on HBO's "Hard Knocks". Anyone offended by a football coach, on HBO, under those circumstances is an oversensitive, ultra P/C weenie but from a football point of view, you've got to be kidding me! He's calling for all out blitzes on 3rd and 15 or 16 or 19 against a guy like Farve who eats this stuff up for 2 decades. It directly led to a couple of huge TD throws that kept the Vikings in a game they had no businesses having a shot to win. If we've learned anything, in those situations, rush your 4 and wait for Brett to throw into double coverage. The game was put on ice when Farve played the gunslinger role and was intercepted in the final minute and forty-five seconds by Dwight Lowery. New York has a shot to accomplish great things this season, but their coach Rex Ryan has got to be smarter in deciding when to play the macho pinhead.
We'll get into the idiotic time management, plus the final game for Braves manager Bobby Cox, plus the latest on the Pac 12 on today's shows.

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