Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Heard Colin Cowerd on the radio this morning talking about this Yankees/Rangers series and the blatant differences in the teams. Texas is a bundle of energy and charsima pursuing another first in franchise history. I'm an old enough fan of the Yanks to have seen Mantle play in person, but I can't help but enjoy what the Rangers bring to the table. New York is like the stodgy old corporate suits who have made their money and rather than have that spirit or snap, are invested in the low return, guaranteed funds. Texas is still out there searching for value funds hoping for that huge payout, attacking each day with passion. The Yankees are freaking boring to watch. The Rangers are electrifying. That Elvis Andrus kid they have at shortstop is terrific. He's only 22 and landed in Texas at the trade deadline in 2007 as part of the deal that sent Mark Teixeria to the Braves. Their young reliever Derek Holland came in and saved the day with 3 2/3rds innings of scoreless work. I can go on, but this is a no brainer. I know the suits at Fox will have a minor aneurysm but the best World Series would be Giants/Rangers from a baseball point of view. Fresh blood. Great stories.
I read that Steeler's linebacker James Harrison is considering retirement because he was fined 75-grand for a blatant late hit which has caused the NFL to mandate possible suspensions for illegal, violent cracks. Right! Not buying that one bit. The players at all levels simply have to be re-trained to never, ever aim for the opposing players head. There will always be vicious tackles, it's the nature of the beast. That said, we're not turning the game into flag football, just taking information about the long term, devastating effects of concussions and the like and trying to make it safer. It's not a big deal, but some drama queens are trying to paint that picture.

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