Wednesday, October 13, 2010


What's more annoying? The coaches who are overly secretive like national security is at stake, or media members who ask for information they'll never get. So Chip Kelly is closing practice this week. Sure, it makes the job of writers and TV people who need quotes and sound a bit more difficult, but there actually is no game this week. If you know the history of concussions, it's only been a few days since Kenyon Barner suffered that frightening hit so I'd bet a big barrel of cash there is no answer. In doing Crunch Time & Sports Talk I get that there is an element of the local fan base who can't get enough Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, but that's why it's called a "BYE"! That said, the coaches should also be aware of it and understand other people have jobs to do simply because there is a demand.
So how many of you had Yanks/Rangers in the American Leauge and Giants/Philly in the National League. Neither result is what you'd call a stunner. New York and the Phils played in the 09 World Series, Texas won 87 games last year, added Cliff Lee and Vlade Guerrero while the West winning Angels got much worse. Anyone who followed baseball knew with some upgraded hitting San Francisco had a shot with those arms. Now that we know the Final Four, get ready because I think Frisco has a shot, especially if they can grab Game 1 in the City of Brotherly Hate with Timmy Lincecum outdueling Doc Halladay. Yanks/Rangers is a complete toss-up. Incredibly, the oddsmakers have New York a pretty prohibitive favorite. $50 on the Bombers brings back $76 while that same half a C-note on Texas returns $117.50. In the Senior Circuit, $50 on the Phillies gains you just $68 while dropping a Grant on the Gmen could earn you $145! Parlay San Fran and the Rangers with that same $50 and bring back $340 bucks!
I have a few pair of tickets to see our local hockey team, the Eugene Generals this Friday at Lane County Ice. It's Breast Cancer Awareness night and the team is doing some great things to raise dough for a critical cause. Drop me an e-mail at or send a text to 653-3098 to get in the drawing.

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