Tuesday, October 19, 2010


One of the major topics on yesterday's program was the Duck ranking according to those multiple BCS computers. Yes, it's disappointing. But it's critical to understand that is almost a positive. They're second despite the fact the machines hate Tennessee, Washington State, New Mexico, Portland State and even Arizona State. If you were a computer, you'd hate these crappy teams as well. For the record, those patsies Oregon torched sit as follows in the Sagarin Power Rankings which most college football people follow.
2-Washington State/87
3-Portland State/117
4-New Mexico/195
Do you understand what that does to the overall rating?
Oklahoma's lowest ranked opponent is Utah State at #101, next worst is Iowa State at #55. Next would be Cincinatti at 44. It's no comparison who has played a more difficult schedule to this point. That said, what the Ducks face from this point forward each opponent is in the top 45 starting with UCLA. USC, Arizona and Oregon State are all in the Top 20 so the computers will become more enamored with the Ducks. And of course there is that small matter of actually winning the rest of the games to qualify for the BCS title game!
Oh, one more thing. Sagarin has the Pac 10 ranked as the top conference in America.
Live from Guaranty RV today. Looking forward to hearing from some OSU fans about that decision to go for 2 against the Huskies. Didn't like it in the heat of the moment Saturday night. Still don't.

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