Thursday, May 12, 2011


After burying the Celtics to reach the East Conference Finals, Lebron James of the Heat expressed his respect for the opposition, was humble in victory and focused on the task at hand which is obviously winning the NBA title. What a jerk! A guy who all but single handedly carried one of the biggest failure franchises in the history of North American team sports to relevancy decided to leave via free agency, and was villified for it. I'm wondering how many of the same people who now claim to hate James for his shaky 45 minutes, completely overlooking 7 years of incredible production with the embarassing Cavs, support Michael Vick. I'd love to hear that ridiculous rationalization! Drown, strangle, electrocute, hang, shoot or bash innocent animals against cement until death? Kidnap peoples pets to use as practice for fighting dogs? No biggie. He deserves a 2nd chance. Have the audacity to honor a contract, then become a free agent like just about every pro athlete and leave for a better situation. Bastard! Never to be forgiven. I officially climb aboard the Miami bandwagon and hope they win multiple titles, thus rubbing it in the face of Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert and the goofballs who villified this guy.
How about Tiger having to withdraw from The Players Championship with an injury? Shot a 42 but is suffering from a serious knee injury as well as an achillies ailment. What happens if this requires surgery? That would put a wrap on 2011, meaning he resumes his pursuit of Jack's 18 majors when he will be 36. For the record, the Golden Bear won 4 majors after the age of 36, ironically one each, the 78 British Open, both the US Open and PGA in 1980 at age 40 and of course the legendary performance at Augusta in 1986. In that other chase, Nicklaus has 73 career PGA Tour wins which is 2nd all time while Tiger is just 2 behind in 3rd. The leader is Sam Snead up ahead at 82.
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