Monday, May 2, 2011


I give you the same brilliant analysis of this Spring Game as I have under similar circumstances in the past. No one got hurt. It was magnficent. We did our pre-game. I met up with a couple folks, watched a series and went home. Recorded the game. Still have not watched it. It's May. I'll know what went down and who is playing were by the time summer rolls around.
I don't want to hear the apologists regarding Kiko Alonso. Remember the Reggie Bush mess at USC? Their excuse was you can't keep an eye on all 100 players 100 percent of the time. They complained about a short staffed compliance department. Bull-hooey! When it's the best player in the program, the level of focus and crossing those T's and dotting those I's must be unyielding. Coming off a season long suspension like Alonso, he had to be a choir boy. At the first sign of trouble, and that includes who he hangs around with, he's gotta get out of Dodge. It's a simple formula at this point. Smoke = Fire. He's been indefinitely suspended. With Casey Matthews NFL bound and the departures of Spence Paysinger & Bryson Littlejohn, the linebacking spot had already taken a substantial hit. Now this. Brutal!
I know some are uneasy over the level of celebration regarding the death of the face of evil when it comes to international terrorism. Here's my read. It's wrong to take joy in the death of a fellow human being. Cats like Bin Laden ain't human in my book. Hip Hip Hoo-FREAKING ray!
Did you hear the NBA is mandating metal detectors for the rest of the playoffs in the wake of our Special Ops people taking out the garbage in Pakistan? Smart. Never let your temporary joy allow you to take your eyes off reality. Look forward to your thoughts this afternoon. Enjoy it!

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