Thursday, April 28, 2011


How the heck are the Spurs still playing? They hit an apparent game tying 3 with 2 seconds left, it's ruled a 2 and on the other end, Zach Randolph does his job dropping both free throws. Enter Gary Neal. Seriously, unless you're a die hard NBA junkie, he's probably not high on your San Antonio rotation list. The rookie is a heck of a sniper knocking down 42% of his threes on the season. He becomes the 1st player in 7 years to hit a game tying playoff three pointer with a second or less left in regulation. Last guy was Chauncey Billups of Detroit versus Jersey. San Antone takes it in overtime and send this thing back to Memphis for a game 6. With the Oklahoma City win, the Thunder can now lie in wait for the winner.
Words alone are not worth of describing Kevin Durant's show last night to put a wrap on the Denver series. He simply decided to take matters into his own hands and the Nuggets had no answer. It's cliche, but the kid was in that "Zone". This also appeared to be a game ticketed for the visitor as Denver piled up a 91-82 lead with 3 1/2 to go. K.D splashed a 25 footer, then the defense took over. Caused a missed dunk and flat out blocked a jumper by Aaron Afflalo. Throw in a free throw and another Durant bucket and it's a 3 point game with 2 1/2 left. Denver had a better chance stopping the ocean from rushing the shore than slowing down K.D. What do Blazer fans think when they see this young fella become the best player in the game? If I'm an NFL GM...right NFL...I look at Durant/Oden and say screw need and just take the top stud on the board.
Obviously on today's shows big focus on Portland/Dallas, the games last night, and the NFL draft. Should be fun.

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